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Tangoe LIVE 2017 – My First Experience

I’ve been to many conferences, but I have NEVER been to one like Tangoe LIVE 2017.

This was my first Tangoe User-Group experience and I can honestly say that the look, feel, and overall vibe were unlike any conference I’ve attended.  There were stunning visuals and amazing speakers including Katja Ruud from Gartner, Maribel Lopez from Lopez Research, and our CEO Jim Foy and CMO Sidra Berman.  We also had a Leaders-in-Tech panel, which was one of my favorites of all the sessions.  The caliber of these participants just blew me away.

But, those points were not exactly the only things that made this conference different for me.  What stood out was the underlying vibe – an electrifying collective consciousness, if you will.  Tangoe didn’t have customers or clients or users at this event. No, the attendees here were a Community, and they were there to collaborate, communicate, and work towards a greater good.  While this might have been a “Tangoe” event – Tangoe was nothing more than a facilitator – the Community led the discussions, fostered engaging dialogue, and kept us engaged at every moment.

Mobile Action Plan

Katja helped everyone remember that Mobile, while it has become “Business as Usual,” continues to power the growing global connected workforce, and as such, sits at the intersection of IoT and wearables.  Katja also challenged us to think of the Unified Workspace as an outcome – not a product or tool.

The action plan that Katja provided at the end of her session offered insight and a perceptive take on the issues that interest us.  During a few of the breakout conversations, a few people shared the fact that they are taking the “wait and see” approach with mobile in their organization because they just didn’t know where to start. They were struggling with questions like:

  • What technologies do we focus on?
  • Should we utilize BYOD, CL or both?
  • How do we handle deployments, security, and the expenses of the devices?

Katja gave us the tools to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to mobile in their organization.

How can I effect DX?

Coming into this event many folks were thinking “Yeah, of course my company is going through digital transformation – but I don’t think my group is really a part of it…and that scares me!”

Maribel Lopez provided a piercing light through the fog on this one.  Digital Transformation is not just for the knowledge worker but for every worker; it is about “building an organization that can adapt to change,” and delivering “Right-Time experiences.”

But – how can anyone make effective change without first having a “solid understanding of where you are today?”  How can an organization utilize new technologies, such as sensors and wearables, without planning for the deployment, management, security, and costs of these technologies?

I’ve had the opportunity to hear Maribel speak previously and few people in the industry can match her ability to explain complex concepts and offer a clear analysis. We left energized with the understanding of the importance of our roles for any Digital Transformation initiative.

Thank you!

Thank you for letting me be a part of such an amazing experience.  Cellular for Less might have even convinced me of the importance of a screen protector…maybe.  And, if you haven’t seen the new Samsung Gear S3 – check it out.  It’s not just for text messages and monitoring heart-rates – it runs some pretty cool business applications!