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How Tangoe for Apple Adds Value to Lifecycle Management

Apple mobile device lifecycle experience

What happens when Tangoe pairs its award-winning Managed Mobility Services (MMS) platform with Apple expertise and best practices?

The answer is an enterprise lifecycle experience featuring new levels of asset visibility and business process orchestration—in addition to seamless integrations and automated workflows that deliver increased value to Apple-focused mobility programs.

Through a combination of global services and support, Tangoe’s global support for Apple deepens enterprise insights into how program assets are being managed. This creates the potential for businesses to lower cost of ownership, streamline device deployment, and even increase end-user satisfaction by giving employees the choice to use preferred technologies for work.

So, how exactly does this benefit businesses and provide everything they need to deploy, manage, and support Apple devices?

Software-Driven Savings

Ensuring end users receive the mobile asset support and infrastructure they need is much easier said than done. Since many large organizations attempt to manage dozens of different mobile device types with limited time, expertise, and resources, it’s difficult to integrate disparate asset management systems across a global scale.

Since almost half of global workers will be mobile by 2020, internally managed Apple initiatives will only grow. In fact, according to Gartner, these programs could experience mobility management expense increases up to 30%.

Fortunately, Tangoe’s enhanced enterprise lifecycle experience features technical integrations with Apple service provider Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to overcome these all-too-common challenges, ease internal asset management burdens, and eliminate unnecessary IT spend.

With this globally integrated mobility management solution, your organization can uncover and deliver never-before-seen device details to business leaders and program administrators, creating a single, centralized view into all iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch asset usage from within Tangoe’s MMS software.

In addition to streamlined and simplified Apple user support, this revolutionary partnership creates the potential for new business orchestration opportunities and customizable process templates capable of accelerating and automating asset procurement and service delivery.

Delivering Value Through Deployment

Today’s most successful businesses understand that efficiency means everything. In fact, more than 80% of enterprise leaders believe their organization needs to adopt more efficient mobile technologies and strategies to ensure future growth.

Combined with Apple Business Manager, Tangoe’s Advisory Services and Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) tools give companies an easier-than-ever path to deploy mobile devices. Using our enhanced enterprise lifecycle experience, you can secure assets and applications through Apple’s zero-touch enrollment process from inside Tangoe’s configurable, role-based ordering and procurement catalog.

This one-of-a-kind solution enhances process efficiency and ensures:

  • Asset deployments can be assessed and initiated strategically
  • Internal UEM administration burdens can be offloaded
  • Automated device configuration integrates operating systems with existing directory services
  • More satisfying and efficient employee asset choice initiatives
  • Cost-efficient global asset logistics options

A More Exciting Employee Experience

It’s no secret that end users are more productive, satisfied, and loyal when given the opportunity to use the Apple devices they prefer at work. This is especially true for millennials—after all, 78% say access to their assets of choice makes them more effective at work.

Considering almost 80% of all enterprise mobile device activity currently takes place on the iOS platform, Tangoe’s enterprise lifecycle experience has the potential to radically improve your company’s productivity—whether you already leverage Tangoe’s platform to manage one of the more than eight million Apple assets it currently supports or not.

As an integrated Apple managed service provider, we take calls that connect employees to not only Tangoe’s 24/7 global MMS Service Delivery Managers, but to Apple’s Technical Account Manager Team. Equipped with Tangoe services and AppleCare for Enterprise access, your employees now have a one-stop support option that can resolve any iOS or macOS product issue they encounter.

In addition to satisfying worker requests and expanding user access to Tangoe’s 96% first-call resolution rate help desk, an enhanced Apple enterprise lifecycle solution adds new US-based reverse logistics capabilities to support asset repair and replacement requests that use genuine Apple parts.

This unified, global initiative also gives employees the ability to escalate AppleCare Enterprise requests through a single team, meaning Tangoe MMS customers can now depend on their dedicated help desk to coordinate iOS and macOS inquiries directly with AppleCare support professionals.

If you’re still not sure how our enterprise lifecycle experience for Apple adds value to your mobility program, click here to view the official press release. Or, talk to one of Tangoe’s MMS experts today by emailing us at