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Staying at the Forefront of BYOC and Shadow IT


Tangoe is committed to researching, developing, and sharing the best practices for analyzing current employee usage patterns to determine which cloud services are being used in their enterprises. With employees continuing to bring consumer-oriented cloud solutions into enterprises to increase productivity, IT departments need to understand which services are being used and the best ways to secure corporate data. Brian Butte, VP of Cloud Computing at Tangoe, explains:

“Shadow IT is certainly not a new topic for IT professionals, but it’s an issue that continues to plague enterprises consistently and the BYOC movement is making it a tougher issue to track,” said Butte. “BYOC is fantastic for employee efficiency and certainly has its place in the enterprise under the right conditions. However, enterprise IT professionals need to understand the risks associated with BYOC and how to properly manage these services.”

Today, in line with our dedication to sharing the most relevant and current information on shadow IT and BYOC, Brian will present at the 2016 ITEXPO. This event brings together over 6,000 attendees ranging from IT/telecom managers to C-Level executives to explore enterprise communications issues. With over 100 speakers, attendees will hear from industry leaders on where the state of the IT industry is heading, gain perspective for their own IT planning, and make valuable networking connections with prominent IT professionals.

For more information on the ITEXPO and Brian’s session, please visit TMCnet’s ITEXPO 2016 agenda page here. You can also read his recent predictions on hybrid cloud for 2016 here.