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Preparing for Tangoe LIVE 2019: Q&A with MOBI’s Co-Founders

MMS mobile technology

Since Tangoe acquired MOBI in December 2018, the integrated enterprise has combined the leading Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution with global Managed Mobility Services (MMS) to create the world’s most comprehensive Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) company.

Two of MOBI’s Co-Founders—Josh Garrett and Scott Kraege—have been intimately involved in the integration at every step. So much so, in fact, that Josh has assumed the role of Tangoe’s President of MMS while Scott serves on Tangoe’s Board of Directors to maintain an advisory role focused on customer success, enterprise culture, and employee engagement.

Approaching their first Tangoe LIVE appearance May 19-22 in Nashville TN, Josh and Scott took a break from work for a few minutes to answer some key questions regarding both the Tangoe-MOBI combo and the upcoming event.

Q. What is the best customer benefit that came from Tangoe’s acquisition of MOBI?

Scott: An immediate, industry-leading TEM offering paired with our MMS platform.

Josh: Access to a global company—Tangoe has many more resources and experiences in Europe, Asia, Latin America, etc. Having a larger company behind our MMS program gives us access to more resources to invest in our roadmap and services.

Our customers have long wanted a single solution for both MMS and fixed (TEM), and we now have exactly that.  In addition, Tangoe’s cloud management services allow us to manage cloud spend, which is not only growing quickly in terms of cost, but something clients focused on cost-saving solutions increasingly desire.

Q. Where do you see the combined company in the future?

Scott: Globally, we can now offer any size solution, program scaling, or geographical need on one platform. Where program growth is concerned, we have the ability for companies to easily add fixed, wireless endpoints, and cloud spend management to a single platform. That is a game-changer.

Josh: I see us managing a much larger portion of devices within an organization. That comes from offering up management of more types of devices (laptops, sensors, wearables, etc.) as well as being available in more locations on the global scale.

Q. How does ETM provide the best of TEM, MMS, and cloud management in one platform?

Josh: There are many similarities between all three, so the key is being able to apply the benefits of roles, rules, and workflows to each type of device.  This will allow managers to view and transact across those various technologies within their organization.

Scott: In the world of ETM, expense management is now table stakes. A partner should not only get expense management right, but it should be perfect—no exceptions. So many companies still struggle with getting expense management right.

Once expense management is functioning properly, companies should be taking advantage of program growth, endpoints, fixed assets, global expansion, unified workforce deployment, etc. All these elements can grow from a solid foundation that starts with expense management.

Q. How is Tangoe using automation to provide the best results in ETM?

Scott: Faster, more accurate global transactions.

Josh: The MMS platform is already using automation to provide world-class service. We are now taking those learnings and technology stacks and applying them to our wireline and cloud solutions, as well as non-traditional devices, to take advantage of the same benefits for those offerings.

Q. What are the key takeaways you expect for customers attending Tangoe LIVE?

Josh: An excitement for the Tangoe® Platform, as well as interest in migrating to our core platforms if they are on a heritage product.

Scott: Tangoe’s clients should be thinking about how to manage and monitor less while achieving more growth, scale, and automation for their organization and their customers.

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