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How to Outsmart Your Technology Renegades – Take Back Control of Technology Expenses

Do you have a hoard of technology renegades on a rampage? Here are some simple tips to help you get more control of your technology environment.

Controlling expenses is essential. Equally important is improving employee compliance with existing policies – especially for cloud and mobile. In tandem with implementing TEM solutions, companies should also change the way they engage with employees. While employees are a captive audience, they are also customers. With this concept in mind, it is essential to remove roadblocks, provide value to the employee and communicate often. But first, you need a thorough assessment of your exposure.

Conduct an audit of employee expenses. Review all known subscriptions and next check expense reports for hidden purchases. This sounds so obvious, I almost didn’t include it. However, I have found that I often don’t do the obvious. My guess is that some you are the same way. An expense audit is tedious and can be time-consuming, but it is essential. Without a clear understanding of the current state, you risk solving for the wrong problem. A good audit also creates a clear benchmark to measure against. Tangoe routinely takes on these tasks for its clients. This audit will help you identify employee needs.

Next, create a short list of solution options. Select vendors for your short list based on current employee usage. If the results of your audit show that most of your employees are using one service like Evernote versus Box Notes for instance, then give greater consideration to Evernote in your analysis[1]. There are usually valid reasons why one service is more popular than their competitors. If you ignore employee preference, you risk having employees rebel.

Finally, communicate. Employees should know what is already available to them. They need to know where to find these tools or resources as well as how to access or request them. We must clearly state this across all web properties and collaboration tools that employees use (e.g. an employee portal or company intranet homepage). Include links in your communications to drive employees to the relevant corporate page where requests can be made. The more accessible this information, the greater the compliance.

Most companies do a good job of communicating this type of information to new employees during on-boarding. But what about tenured employees? They also need a refresher on how to request or return an asset. It’s amazing how quickly we all forget information that is not used daily. Take it from this rebel, the easier you make it for your employees to do the right thing, the greater your compliance rate. If I could have easily found clear instructions for returning that mobile phone, I would have returned it a year ago.

I have always been focused on my core goals. In my previous role however, my priorities were different. I had a monthly target and my job was to meet that target as efficiently as possible. That was my sole driver. Today my perspective has shifted. As I gain a better understanding of TEM, I am more aware of the impact of my behavior on company budgets and profits. I am still focused on accomplishing my key responsibilities, but now I am also acutely aware of the need to track and manage enterprise technology assets. Of course, it’s much easier to comply with such corporate policies at Tangoe. Tangoe deploys its own TEM solutions across the company and has implemented best practices gleaned from decades in this industry. I would expect nothing less from an industry leader.

Let Tangoe help you round up your rebels and gain control of your technology assets and expenses.

[1] Examples are for illustrative purposes only. A thorough review and analysis should consider all enterprise goals and objectives.