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Logistics Center Opens the Door for MMS Expansion at Tangoe


Tangoe recently opened its newly expanded Logistics Center in Austin, Texas.  With the expanded facility, Tangoe has the scale to do large equipment refreshes, as well as on-site rapid repairs and device replenishments, enabling a one-stop shop for customers.  The facility handles both forward logistics – where fully programmed devices customized to a particular customer’s requirements are processed and shipped as soon as overnight – to reverse logistics – where damaged or non-functional equipment can be replaced with exact replicas in the same rapid timeframe.

Logistics center helps with managed mobility capabilities

The facility will enable Tangoe to increase its logistics transactions from 10,000 to 50,000 per month, providing customers with scale and a faster time to market when deploying and repairing mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, IoT devices and other IT assets.

To celebrate the opening of the center, and to emphasize the importance logistics plays in Tangoe’s strategic direction, Jim Foy, Tangoe’s CEO, provided opening remarks to over 125 people who showed up to share in the excitement, take tours of the new center, and participate in prize raffles.

 “We continue to expand our mobility solutions to better serve our customers that live and work in a mobile-first world,” said Jim Foy, CEO, Tangoe, “and the expansion of our logistics facility further solidifies our position as a leading provider of enterprise mobility.” 

Tangoe continues to be considered a leading Managed Mobility Services provider, with over 7 million devices under management.  The opening of the Logistics Center helps solidify our leading position and sets us up for the next step in transforming Tangoe into the one-stop shop for all mobile life-cycle management for the enterprise.

Tangoe MMS makes it simple to control and grow your business.