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Move Beyond the Burden of Doing


While IT and telecom departments continue to be overburdened with the day-to-day administration of the telecom support and management process, they are now also tasked with becoming more strategic.

However, with limited resources and constant pressure to cut costs, many don’t have the time to apply a systematic, best practices approach to managing their entire telecom administrative functions from planning to payment.

Therefore, companies who are looking for their IT departments to become more strategic are outsourcing these non-core functions to Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Managed Mobility Services companies that can apply expertise and intelligent technology to save your enterprise money and reduce administrative hassles. However, one should be very careful to select the right partner to match their needs in order to ensure long-term success. One hit wonders and low hanging fruit will only get you so far. So how do you find the best partner?  How do you assess who has the most experience and stability to grow with you?

You need to go through a proven evaluation process. What should you look for when you are selecting a partner to reduce your telecom costs and improve processes? Here is a short list of pre-work you should tackle prior to the evaluation process that will help guide your internal discussions and attention during the evaluation portion of a TEM or MMS engagement.

  • Examine your needs and strategic objectives
  • Determine what results/benefits you hope to accomplish
  • Outline your functional, technical, service, and support requirements
  • Create a scoring/solution evaluation tool
  • Schedule demonstrations of key application functionality you require
  • Define your thorough due diligence process
  • Prepare for contract negotiations

While this “pre-work” may be a lengthy list, it will pay off when you can move beyond telecom support and management processes and focus on more strategic initiatives for your organization. To learn more, check out Tangoe’s eBook: Choosing the Right TEM and MMS Supplier – The Authoritative Checklist.