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Mobility-as-a-Service: The One-Vendor Solution

mobility as a service

A couple of weeks ago we were at the Gartner Symposium/IT Expo in Orlando, Florida.  It was a great event with key decision makers in attendance.  While I truly enjoy hitting up the sessions, what I like the most about these events is getting to talk with the attendees, and understand what is really keeping them up at night from an IT perspective.  And, if it has to do with Mobile – well that is just a homerun for me!

During the conference we had some great conversations with IT Directors, CIOs, Mobile Policy leads, and other key decision makers and influencers.  Now, me being a student of Pragmatic Marketing, I used these conversations as a way to truly dig into the problem-oriented needs of our different buyers to analyze different Mobile opportunities.

There was definitely an underlying theme amongst identified market problems, especially for those in the SMB market – Complexity.  Complexity of getting a mobile strategy started, complexity of the different mobile platforms, carriers and devices – and the complexity of managing and securing it all.

Mobile devices are ubiquitous.  But, they play a more important role for small and mid-sized organizations. SMB firms are by their nature more fluid and dynamic – a perfect environment to leverage the benefits of mobile devices.  But this same nimble infrastructure limits their ability to take advantage of the new choices from mobile carriers due to the lack of resources and in-house skills.  Navigating all of the different mobile options is not an easy task.

Small and mid-size organizations need help not only picking the right plans, but monitoring them, and ensuring their staff are enabled and mobile-ready at all times.  This needs to be simple and predictable.  Throwing another technology solution on top of this problem won’t work for SMBs due the aforementioned lack of resources and in-house skills.

Tangoe’s Mobility as a Service provides that on-vendor solution.  A solution at set at a monthly price per device that makes it easy for your employees to use the phones they choose with the right plan, and 24/7 support.

It’s simple.

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