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Mobility as a Service – Shifting Away from Traditional Mobility Management

Posted on: June 21, 2016

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is something you’re going to be hearing a lot about over the next few years. It represents a significant shift away from the traditional method of managing mobile devices and expenses within the organization. In fact, MaaS can be considered the next step in the evolution of enterprise mobility.

This per device fee covers every stage of the mobility lifecycle, from ordering and procurement, through kitting and pre-loading of authorized applications, to device renewals and end-of-life recycling. The beauty of MaaS is that it frees up valuable resources for IT and other business units so they can focus on core business concerns instead of worrying about changing carrier rates and fixing devices. And MaaS helps organizations by providing a predictable, defined cost structure that they can count on for budgeting and expense management purposes.

Since every organization is different, the benefits of MaaS will vary depending on specific needs and objectives. But the three primary benefits of MaaS across the spectrum remain: predictability, simplicity, and comprehensive control over mobile strategies and processes. Let’s talk a bit about predictability in this week’s post.

Depending on the size of the business, the cost of purchasing a new fleet of phones—let alone paying for the plans—can be staggering. With carriers moving away from subsidizing device models, organizations need to consider purchasing devices outright or implementing financing terms. MaaS makes this whole process easier. A solid MaaS offering will allow businesses to lease devices, thereby saving the capital expense and the headaches of purchasing them. Organizations pay a flat monthly fee for the devices rather than paying hundreds of dollars per phone. Additionally, MaaS enables companies to take control of their mobile rates inclusive of talk, text, and data by offering negotiated guaranteed pricing plans that take the mystery out of budgeting and make mobile service costs extremely predictable. No mystery billing. No overages. Just on target budgeting every time. This is comprehensive but simple mobility.

Be sure to look for part two next week when we focus on how MaaS simplifies enterprise mobility. Stay tuned!


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