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Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) – Comprehensive Control Brings Peace of Mind


Mobility as a Service streamlines the burden of mobility by bundling the carrier, the device, and the support services into one package available at a predictable cost per device, per month. In our first post in this series we spotlighted three of the primary benefits of MaaS. We looked at how MaaS offers an alternative to the pricey model of purchasing devices, and offers cost-predictability via device leasing and a per-device fee that covers every stage of the mobile lifecycle. Our follow-up post focused on another reason why businesses are finding MaaS so compelling: simplicity. With MaaS, devices are procured, set up according to organizational need and policies, and delivered to users ready to go right out of the box. Our third key reason why you should consider MaaS for your organization is to some, the most important: control.

Inclusive Control

Ideally, a MaaS provider will offer comprehensive control over every facet of a mobility program, particularly on the dependencies and costs related to proper execution of the right mobility strategy. Rather than turning to a PC-centric IT department, a MaaS provider is dedicated to providing organizations with the best mobile experience possible.

Flexibility exists within the structure of a MaaS bundle so that can get multiple device types to fit diverse business preferences. You should have the assurance that your devices/service is as predictable, cost-effective, and cutting-edge as possible. MaaS ensures that businesses maintain full visibility into mobile use and are provided with reporting that identifies unknown users, optimization recommendations, and instances of zero-use devices. This protects your business from paying for services or devices no longer in use.