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Why Mobility Management Solutions Need Process Optimization

mobility management solutions

Are mobility management solutions witnessing the dawn of a new day? For more than a decade, Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) strategies have worked tirelessly to support mobile devices and innovations. That’s about to change.

Out with the Old, In with the New

The evolution of mobility management solutions is alive and well. One of today’s most surprising trends is the dramatic slowdown of company smartphone and tablet replacements and purchases. In fact, a few years ago marked the first time enterprises saw smartphone purchases fall flat.

For mobility management solutions that have recently added new assets to their ETM program, mobility isn’t quite the disruption it used to be. Not only has the overall pace of new mobile technology development slowed over the last decade, but most companies now have at least limited exposure to this technology’s implementation, management, support and security.

As mobility management solutions continue to evolve, your business is probably already seeking (if not implementing and using) more than basic asset and application support. Companies that partner with a global Managed Mobility Services (MMS) provider can shift IT’s focus toward more strategic mobile asset usage, content delivery methods and business process optimizations.

Big-Picture Benefits

Prioritizing process optimization over immature mobility management solution alternatives provides several business advantages. Information delivery to employees is guaranteed anywhere, at any time and with an appropriate level of security that extends beyond each device. Additionally, innovative ETM capabilities and technologies can be leveraged to improve current IT offerings, discover new enterprise opportunities and elevate customer interactions to an entirely new level.

Many organizations are already leveraging mobility management solutions to evolve ETM strategy. For example, today’s technologies make it possible to submit expense reports via smartphone apps, replace bank tellers with mobile devices capable of performing banking activities, file and resolve insurance claims remotely or optimize any number of existing daily processes.

Think About It

Before going all-in on optimization, there are a few things your business needs to consider. First and foremost, all relevant business processes need to be reviewed so that the most beneficial opportunities can be accurately identified by your mobility management solutions. You may be able to optimize a process, but it’s important to distinguish whether its potential payoff justifies the investment involved. Repetitive, time-consuming or costly tasks are prime optimization targets.

Your company also needs to consider any inherent risks or security issues that come with process optimization. By injecting mobility management solutions into new or unfamiliar tasks, the likelihood of intrusion or information exposure increases. If sensitive data is involved, or if network connectivity issues or device failure is a distinct possibility, a backup process needs to be created that complies with all relevant industry and company privacy standards.

Finally, your approach needs to allow mobile processes to be performed across multiple platforms and devices. Optimization success is much more likely when employees work on their preferred device(s). Therefore, any new or optimized processes should work seamlessly across your full suite of mobility management solutions. Many businesses are making this happen by adopting integration enablement capabilities and Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) tools and practices.

While each company’s mobility management solution is unique, the future promises large-scale ETM transition. Businesses will begin to shift their mobility management solutions toward process optimization, increasing efficiency and unlocking untapped potential. An MMS partner can help you successfully navigate this exciting future. Talk to one of Tangoe’s enterprise technology experts today to start your successful optimization effort.