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Mobility is No Longer a Siloed Area of Business

When we meet again with our clients and partners at Tangoe LIVE (May 20-23 at the Marriott World Center in Orlando, FL) 2018, we’ll see and hear just how fast mobility management continues to become central to every organization. Mobility management is no longer a siloed area of the business. It is central to every organization that works smarter with current and developing technology, like the Internet of Things (IoT).

At Tangoe LIVE 2018 I will be co-leading a session (The Convergence of Usage Management and IoT) with Hyoun Park, analyst with Amalgam Insights (AI), a consulting and strategy firm focused on the transformative value of Technology Consumption Management.

The IoT market is estimated to reach $1.8T by 2026, and it’s already affecting businesses whether they’re aware of it or not. We are seeing that technologies like IoT are pushing organizations to think more strategically about mobile, which is quickly becoming the medium of choice for all other technologies to work through.  Mobile is quickly taking over for the laptop as the home base for a lot of job functions. Consider sales leaders or  line foremen; a lot of folks in these roles leverage tablets or smartphones for their daily activities.

At Tangoe, our platform can handle all types of technology; we help our customers work smarter by making the technology work for them. Mobile is quickly becoming the pathway into other systems; becoming more strategic throughout the enterprise and allowing organizations to increase productivity and drive predictable results.

I look forward to Hyoun Park discussing the strategic approach to mobile and how it can help organizations looking to leverage IoT to realize more value. For these organizations, one of best practices is to have an inventory of all assets and how they are deployed. They need to understand where it all is and what it’s doing. They need to understand data flow – for example what sensors are more important than others. Having accurate inventories is necessary to understanding those trends. With our platforms, you can monitor everything.

I’m excited to be working with Hyon Park on this presentation. Hyoun is the CEO and Founder of Amalgam Insights and over the past 20-plus years, he has been at the forefront of trends such as Moneyball, social networking, Bring Your Own Device, the Subscription Economy, and video as the dominant use of Internet bandwidth. He has been quoted in USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, and a wide variety of mainstream and technology press sources.

We look forward to seeing you at Tangoe LIVE 2018!