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Mobile Usage Reports Increase Visibility & Decrease Spend

Mobile Usage Reports Increases Visibility & Decreases Spending

Most of us have experienced the initial fear that happens when you drive down a road and come across a large, flashing sign displaying your actual speed. Whether you’re speeding or not, your reaction to the flashing sign is often to hit the brakes.

You’re not the only one. According to studies, these Radar Speed Signs will slow down 80% of drivers speed by about 10-20%. These Radar Speed Signs is one measure of what is called “Traffic Calming.” Traffic calming is a method used to improve road safety by changing driver behavior.

How’s this relevant to Technology Expense Management?

One feature of Tangoe’s Mobility Management Solution is providing employees Mobile Usage Reports.  Usage Reports are one method of providing visibility into usage of voice, text and data of employees’ corporate devices and are meant to provide visibility and control to IT and finance. However, these reports are also sent to both the users and their managers. As we have heard with our clients, these reports act as a radar speed sign for telecom spend and provide value since it changes behavior.

Valuable Usage Reports Decrease Usage and Spend

Recently, a client who had implemented a Mobility Management Solution (MMS) solution discovered that Tangoe’s Mobile Usage Reports reduced employee mobile usage by 40%, and it made me immediately think of those Radar Speed signs.

With both the Radar Speed Signs and Usage Reports, psychologists refer to this idea or methodology as a “feedback loop.” In a feedback loop, a person who receives “feedback” about their behavior is given a chance to change it. The feedback captures the users’ attention and breaks them out of a behavior pattern. “This method of behavior modification is recognized as the most effective way to change many human behaviors.”

The client attributed the decline in mobile usage to these Usage Reports being “fed” back to the employees.  After employees became aware of how much their overages were costing the company, they changed their behaviors and were now more conscious of how they used their corporate devices. Employees are no longer saying, “It doesn’t matter how I use my phone – the company is paying for it.” Instead, they are voluntarily changing their behavior after seeing their actual usage reports and the associated cost to the business. This form of self-correcting results in positive results for the organization.

Mobile devices within an organization are meant to connect employees, increase productivity and improve overall customer service; however, it can be very easy to increase IT costs by irresponsible or personal use.

Similar to the Radar speed signs, the mere feedback of employee’s activity in Tangoe’s Mobile Usage Reports could prevent over-usage of their voice or data plans and decrease IT spending. This is just one of the many ways Tangoe provides visibility, control and enables savings.

Learn how Tangoe’s Managed Mobility Services can help your organization improve operational efficiencies and productivity, uncover cost savings, and drive predictable results.