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Meet Mike Walsh at Tangoe LIVE 2019


As keynote speaker at Tangoe LIVE 2019, the author of “The Algorithmic Leader: How to Be Smart When Machines Are Smarter Than You and CEO of Tomorrow, a global consultancy on designing companies for the 21st century, Mike Walsh knows a thing or two about technological transformation.

Today’s reality is that businesses change when they implement advanced technologies—digital transformation is inevitable and constant. Therefore, how organizations deal with this ongoing change is key. In order to successfully evolve, leaders at organizations must prioritize and shape their companies’ transformations, adapt best practices and strategies, prepare for disruptive technology trends, and keep cost efficiency at the core of implementations.

A Time of Constant Transformation

Organizations are being overwhelmed by change in all forms. We are living through an unprecedented time of constant transformation, whether it be emerging technologies, entirely new business models, or globally competitive rivals. The challenge for business leaders is no longer just winning market share, but understanding which customer and technology trends are mission-critical, how to attract agile-minded talent, and how to shape their company’s digital transformation to satisfy employees and customers alike.

Adapting to Technological Change

To adapt to this ever-changing, technology-driven environment, decision-makers must look beyond technology for solutions. As leaders, this group should seriously consider the opportunities new platforms and systems create to reinvent how people work, collaborate, and solve problems. While technology changes the hardware of any business, the evolution of operating systems and management platforms creates a new culture and enables a company to become a 21st-century organization.

Looking Ahead

Artificial Intelligence (AI), algorithms, and automation are the technologies expected to make the most noise over the next few years. Most industries are only just starting to make the transition from the disruption-filled digital age to one driven by algorithmic technologies. No matter how traditional or conservative the industry, AI promises to profoundly impact the design of customer experiences, the efficiency of operating models, and the structure of organizations.

Minimizing Expenses, Maximizing Benefits

Automate and elevate. Look for ways to leverage data and AI to better understand and manage enterprise costs at scale. However, businesses must also think clearly about how to elevate the capabilities of people so they can take your productivity to the next level.

Though the inundation of technological change can seem overwhelming, leaders can stay ahead of their competition by deploying a plan focusing on technology as culture, a forward-looking perspective on emerging technologies, and strategies that maximize productivity at scale. These strategies will be integral for organizational success as the pace of technological transformation continues to increase.

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