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Leveraging TEM to Support the Proliferation of Cloud Services and Mobility in the Enterprise


Learn how Tangoe can help gain control of your cloud and mobile spending.

The sprawl of telecommunications services throughout enterprises over the past twenty years has underpinned the need for Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solutions that offer visibility and control. Today the emergence and growth of cloud services and mobility are posing similar challenges, enabling the principles of TEM to help organizations achieve operational efficiencies

According to Gartner, 42 percent of enterprise IT budgets is out of reach of the organization’s control.

In a recent interview, Paul Ybarra, Senior Vice President of International Sales, acknowledged that CIOs don’t have an accurate account of how much is spent on cloud services and mobility because they are not centrally purchased and managed.

Often a department may subscribe to a cloud service to fulfill a business need, subverting internal IT policies and procedures. Shadow IT spending is widespread in the enterprise and requires new tools to manage and harness its potential benefits.

Furthermore, mobility, consumerization of IT, and BYOD are proving to be equally challenging for enterprises. Mobile devices are everywhere, creating more endpoints to keep track of and lock down.

The pervasiveness of cloud services and mobility has created a “perfect storm” scenario, underscoring the need for visibility and control. Similar to how TEM helps bring order to telecommunications sprawl, it can be utilized to reduce costs and identify security and compliance vulnerabilities for the next-generation IT and services.