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How Leadership Team Influences Customer Experience

Last week, Tangoe announced its new executive leadership team. “Tangoe’s customers are the industry leaders and America’s greatest brands,” said CEO, Bob Irwin. “They require the best technology expense management (TEM) and managed mobility services (MMS) available. They expect and deserve that their TEM and MMS provider deliver high-quality solutions, driven by executive leadership that demonstrates great vision and expertise.”

The real driving force behind creating a company-wide culture of putting customers first begins with the leadership team. When every action of the executive leadership team speaks volumes of their commitment towards their customers, the message spreads across the company.

Tangoe is entering a new phase where Sales, Marketing, Product, Finance and Customer Support is aligned to make our customers successful and provide them the best customer experience. Service providers are facing fierce competition as they strive to win new business but they forget what matters most to their customers. Tangoe has put in place a dynamic executive team that has put forth a clear product strategy focused on key service quality initiatives. Tangoe is on its way to becoming a model for unsurpassed global customer experience that will set the standard for all other organizations to imitate.