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KnowRoaming Partnership Keeps Roaming Charges Down for Tangoe Customers


At Tangoe, we are constantly looking to improve our offering to clients – from touch point technology, to services that set the bar in the IT expense industry. This week Tangoe announced a partnership with KnowRoaming, a leading solution provider for consumer, corporate, and enterprise that gives customers seamless connectivity solutions to the roaming challenges they face across the globe.

With KnowRoaming’s products, Tangoe customers can stay connected while keeping roaming fees down—without having to worry about the troubling security risks associated with public Wi-Fi networks. KnowRoaming has the technology to reliably and securely connect devices to trusted local networks in foreign countries. Tangoe clients can now take advantage of three of KnowRoaming’s pioneering products: the Global SIM Sticker, the Global SIM Card, and the Global Hotspot.

Tangoe never stops innovating, reducing costs, and increasing security in the realm of IT and telecom expense. Tangoe and KnowRoaming are looking ahead to a thriving partnership that gives businesses the freedom to travel the world while saving on unpredictable roaming charges. For more information about this game-changing alliance, read the official press release here.