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As the iPhone 8 and X Launch, Learn to Prevent Enormous Mobility Costs

Do I need the new iPhone?  No.  But, I sure do want it.

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since the iPhone was first introduced.  I still recall sitting in my Digital Innovation class at UNC Kenan-Flagler with Arv Malhotra as he discussed the impact of the phone and how he envisioned a multitude of apps being built for it in the years to come. He even touched on how the truly ground-breaking nature of the device was yet to be realized if and when Apple opened the device to 3rd party developers.

Well, 2.2M+ apps later, here we are.

I am not going to use this column to talk about all the new features because there are folks closer to the launch who have more insight into that than I do.  However, I do find it interesting that with the 10-year anniversary device, Apple has gone all glass around stainless steel, doing away with the aluminum frame for its flagship.

Now that the device has been launched, organizations will undoubtedly see a quick spike in broken, lost, and stolen devices – with end-users hoping their organization will reward them with a brand new 10th anniversary edition (or at least the iPhone 8) to replace their “old” iPhone 7, or *gasp* iPhone 6.

While this phenomenon happens during most iPhone launches, this year we will undoubtedly see an uptick.  People are holding on to their devices longer and are itching for something shiny and new. Plus, everyone wants to get their hands on the 10th anniversary edition.

The first step to preparing for an event such as this one is to establish a clear understanding of your mobile environment. Organizations that do not take a proactive approach to managing their mobile environment will be blindsided by enormous mobility costs.    It might sound obvious, but unfortunately it’s not that simple.

Most organizations have complex deployments across multiple regions and business groups – each of which carries their own independent control of their end-users.  With fragmentation comes inaccuracies and these inaccuracies cause increased costs and security concerns.

But let’s not get into that.  Let’s focus on getting that new phone without breaking the bank.

The first step: understanding your inventory.  

Contact us, and if you qualify, we’ll help you get a clear picture of the number of upgrades and waivers still available to your organization, and just how many iPhone Xs you can hand over to your key executives.