Introducing Tangoe’s New Podcast & Companion Blog Series: What is Culture?

On December 5, 2018, Tangoe acquired MOBI, the leading managed mobility services company.

On paper, this acquisition made perfect sense for both organizations: For Tangoe, it provided its clients with the immediate benefit of access to the most powerful MMS solution available. For MOBI, it allowed them to bring their award-winning solutions to the global marketplace. Additionally, MOBI’s technology supports Tangoe’s overarching goal: To help customers work smarter every day by making technology work for them.

There’s been much excitement among our employees, as Tangoe and MOBI work together toward achieving true integration. It has created tremendous opportunity for the collective business—and our employees recognize this. However, there’s also been anxiety and uncertainty associated with the acquisition. Change is difficult, and fear is often a product of change. It’s human nature.

In many ways, this acquisition—this coming together of two organizations—was the impetus for this podcast. It was an opportunity for Tangoe to pause, hit the reset button – and move forward supporting all efforts needed to facilitate integration between MOBI and Tangoe.

As a fairly new employee, Tangoe’s end-goal is clear to me: To serve our purpose, to stay true to our vision, and to deliver on our mission. Our purpose is to help organizations work smarter by leveraging technology that solves their TEM and MMS problems. Our vision is to become the global standard for America’s greatest brands. And our mission is to help our customers grow their bottom line.

However, the real success of Tangoe, I believe, is ultimately dependent upon human relationships—of course between the organization and its customers—but more importantly, between the relationships of its own employees. Fortunately, we are now led by an executive team that behaves in a manner consistent with our core values: integrity, excellence, selflessness, and courage. Still, Tangoe recognizes that it cannot build a great company without great culture. We also recognize that culture is organic, personal, and not something that can be fabricated.

So how does Tangoe—a global organization with over 2,200 employees in 11 countries across ten time zones, which has acquired several companies throughout its nearly 20-year history—maintain, nurture, and/or alter its collective company culture? Before answering that, an organization must first discover its company culture as it currently exists—without judgement. And that’s precisely what our new podcast and companion blog series intends to do.

This post is the first installment of our blog series and our upcoming podcast What is Culture? My name is Rocco Lungariello, and I will be the host and writer for this new project. Throughout the podcast, I will conduct interviews with Tangoe employees from across the globe in a wide-range of positions. I will also speak with industry analysts, Tangoe clients, and other professionals who have relationships with our organization.

The Goal of this Podcast

The goal of this podcast and its companion blog series is to rediscover Tangoe’s culture. What it means. What has shaped it, and what we are doing collectively as an organization to make Tangoe a place all its employees can be proud to work.

Although I’m the host, I’m the least important component of the show. The people I interview are the stars. I want to give them a voice. I want to listen. I want to learn from them. I want you to learn from them. I want the interviewees to learn about themselves. And all of this can be accomplished by asking pointed and honest questions that look to rediscover Tangoe’s collective culture.

I can say Tangoe is no longer “turning the corner.” That turn has been taken. Now, we’re progressing forward. We’re coming together as people, as human beings–working together for the good of each other–fully aware that it’s the key to our future and to our collective success.

Check out our trailer below.

Available Episodes

Season 1 – Episode #1: Taking Ownership

Guest: Shaun McGrath, Sales Development Manager | Shelton, CT
As a Sales Development Manager for nearly three years at Tangoe, Shaun manages a team of Sales Development Reps who all work to uncover new business opportunities. In this candid conversation, Shaun discusses how middle management should play a critical role in truly leading and nurturing a positive culture.

Access S1 Episode #1 and its companion blog post here.

Season 1 – Episode #2: The Employee Experience

Guest: Chrissy Pfeiffer, Business Analyst | Indianapolis, IN
Chrissy Pfeiffer, a Business Analyst at Tangoe who works on the Automation team, is also a member of the Culture Committee. She discusses what it was like to learn that MOBI was being acquired by Tangoe.

Access S1 Episode #2 and its companion blog post here.

Season 1 – Episode #3: Transparency

Guest: Stephanie Ahearn, Team Lead, Talent Acquisition | Parsippany, NJ
Stephanie Ahearn, Team Lead for Talent Acquisition at Tangoe, discusses the importance of culture and being transparent with prospective employees.

Access S1 Episode #3 and its companion blog post here.

Season 1 – Episode #4: Workload

Guest: Ije Rodgers, Product Marketing Manager | Parsippany, NJ
Ije Rodgers is a Product Marketing Manager who has been with Tangoe about one year. In this eye-opening interview, Ije discusses how culture is directly affected by employee workload and what Tangoe can do to help those who are overwhelmed.

Access S1 Episode #4 and its companion blog post here.

Season 1 – Episode #5: Defibrillator

Guest: Le-Andra Isles, Director of Tangoe Pay | Parsippany, NJ
Le-Andra says that Tangoe’s acquisition of MOBI, which took place in December 2018, was a defibrillator—a dose of electric current that helped revive Tangoe and signal to the organization and to the industry that Tangoe is no longer “treading water,” but instead, is in a position to expand and progress forward.

Access S1 Episode #5 and its companion blog post here.

Season 1 – Episode #6: Exit Interview

Guest: Craig Riegelhaupt, Senior Director of Product Marketing | Shelton, CT
For three years, Craig Riegelhaupt was Tangoe’s Senior Director of Product Marketing. This March, Craig left the company to pursue another opportunity. In this episode, Craig discusses his contribution to the company culture, the reasons for his departure, and what he will miss most about Tangoe.

Access S1 Episode #6 and its companion blog post here.

Season 1 – Episode #7: Remote Employee

Guest: Nader Ali, Product Manager | Remote
Nader Ali, Product Manager, who has been with Tangoe for nearly ten years, discusses his experience being a remote employee, how he stays engaged with the entire organization, and what he does to help impact Tangoe’s overall culture. When it comes to culture and maintaining a connection to your organization, Nader says, “It’s about proactively staying engaged and owning it.”

Access S1 Episode #7 and its companion blog post here.

Season 1 – Episode #8: Chinese Perspective

Guest: Tony Liu, Director of Human Resources | Kunshan, China
In this week’s episode, we head overseas to Tangoe’s Kunshan, China location, where I have the opportunity to speak with Tony Liu, Director of Human Resources for our China office. Not only does Tony provide a window into the culture of Tangoe’s Kunshan office, but he also discusses, quite beautifully, some of the overall characteristics of the Chinese culture and even offers a comparison between that of the western world.

Access S1 Episode #8 and its companion blog post here.

Season 1 – Episode #9: Work Family

Guest: Josh Thompson, Senior Director, Operations | Memphis, TN
Josh Thompson, Senior Director of Operations in Tangoe’s Memphis office, discusses what it was like when Asentinel merged with Tangoe back in 2017 and why he has always considered his coworkers family. Josh has been with the organization since 2013 and currently manages a team of 13 employees located across China, India, Romania, and the United States.

Access S1 Episode #9 and its companion blog post here.

Season 1 – Episode #10: Born Leader

Guest: Chris Brown, Director of Product Development | Indianapolis, IN
Chris Brown, Director of Product Development, who works out of Tangoe’s Indianapolis office, discusses how he keeps his team of 30+ engineers engaged, what culture means to him as a leader, and how he feels Tangoe has handled the acquisition of MOBI. Make sure to pay special attention to how Chris answers the question: What do you feel your role is in helping drive the “right” company culture? It’s pretty incredible.

Access S1 Episode #10 and its companion blog post here.

Season 1 – Episode #11: First Look Back

Compilation Episode – First Ten Guests
New to the podcast? This week’s episode is a compilation of the first ten interviews and is perfect for first-time listeners and close followers alike. Hear key insights from every guest thus far.

Access S1 Episode #11 and its companion blog post here.

Season 1 – Episode #12: It’s the How

Guest: Kyle Borner, Director of Global Data Loading & Invoice Processing and General Manager | Kunshan, China
Kyle has been with the organization for close to nine years. In fact, Kyle oversaw and executed development of the APAC Regional Headquarters from five employees at the outset of operations to over 180 in less than two years. Kyle says culture is an individual endeavor – that defining and building a culture is totally within our own control.

Access S1 Episode #12 and its companion blog post here.

Season 1 – Episode #13: Think Globally

Guest: Sally Morrison, Director of Implementations | Abingdon, England
Sally was a wonderful guest since she was so real and honest and courageous. That’s the trifecta for me. I specifically appreciated that she took this opportunity to remind all of us at Tangoe that we are a global organization, yet sometimes for our employees and our customers, it could feel as if we are a U.S. organization with offices across the globe.

Access S1 Episode #13 and its companion blog post here.

Season 1 – Episode #14: The Right Place

Guest: Mandy Tyrrell, Renewal Specialist | Austin, TX
In this interactive conversation, Mandy Tyrrell, a Renewal Specialist for Tangoe, shares a special bag of gifts that each help paint a mental picture and serve as symbolic reminders about how we can and should approach our every day.

Access S1 Episode #14 and its companion blog post here.

Season 1 – Episode #15: We’re All in Sales

Guest: Sarah Curtis, Director of Sales Enablement | Shelton, CT
In this candid interview, Sarah discusses some major challenges that our sales organization faces and what she and leadership are doing to remove any obstacles. She also discusses how every Tangoe employee plays a part in the sales journey of our clients—how everyone who does their job with excellence is helping Tangoe retain, acquire, and delight our customers.

Access S1 Episode #15 and its companion blog post here.

Season 1 – Episode #16: Tangoe LIVE 2019 Recap

Suprise Guest: Katie Ferrante-Greene, Director of Customer Programs | Parsippany, NJ
This week’s episode, our season one finale, is a look back at Tangoe LIVE 2019, our annual user conference, which took place just days ago – May 19-22. Although this installment of What is Culture? is mostly Rocco’s reflections of Tangoe LIVE 2019, it also includes a short conversation with the incredible Katie Ferrante-Greene, our Director of Customer Programs, who headed up the gigantic event. The episode also contains a preview of what to expect in Season 2.

Access S1 Episode #16 and its companion blog post here.

Season 2 – Episode #1: The Heartbeat

Guest: Courtney Ebo, Senior Account Executive | Marriott International
It’s here! The season two premiere! Of course, the goal of this show is still to rediscover Tangoe’s culture. But in season two, we plan to extend beyond only interviewing our employees to include our clients, vendors, and more. This week’s guest is Courtney Ebo, Senior Account Executive at Marriott International. She and I recorded together during day one of Tangoe LIVE 2019. Courtney, a Florida State graduate and a long-time Californian, had plenty to share regarding culture.

Access S2 Episode #1 and its companion blog post here.

Season 2 – Episode #2: Work Relationships

Guest: Cristiana Salaoru, BPO Manager | Bucharest, Romania
Cristiana has been with Tangoe nearly seven years, including her time with Asentinel, before the acquisition. This interview is a reminder that no matter where our coworkers sit, all we need to do is take the time to learn more about them as a person, which will in turn, improve the culture, as well as our professional, working relationships.

Access S2 Episode #2 and its companion blog post here.

Season 2 – Episode #3: Culture Trumps Strategy

Guest: Dave Hansen, Operating Executive at Marlin Equity Partners & Executive Chairman of Tangoe
Dave Hansen discusses what it was like to publicly announce the acquisition of Tangoe in 2017, why he feels Bob Irwin was and is the perfect CEO for the organization, how he feels we’ve handled the acquisition of MOBI, where he sees Tangoe in the next five years, and why he believes that culture trumps strategy.

Access S2 Episode #3 and its companion blog post here.

Season 2 – Episode #4: Making Progress

Guest: Emily Zhao, Client Services Manager | Kunshan, China
Emily began her career at Tangoe as an Invoice Processor. Six months into the role, she sought training and gained the skills necessary to lead the invoice processing team, helping initiate an invoice acquisition and an invoice auditing team.This episode reminds us that if you want to evolve and progress at Tangoe—or anywhere— there is an opportunity to do so, as long as you share a similar desire and drive that exists within Emily.

Access S2 Episode #4 and its companion blog post here.

Season 2 – Episode #5: Partnership

Guest: Julie Davis, Team Lead, Telecom Expense Management | KeyBank
The great thing about expanding beyond Tangoe employees in Season 2 is that we get to learn about the cultures of other organizations. And in this case, that organization is KeyBank, a major national bank headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, with over 18,000 employees and branches in over 15 US States. Julie Davis, Team Lead for Telecom Expense Management, discusses the culture at KeyBank, as well as her perception of ours here at Tangoe.

Access S2 Episode #5 and its companion blog post here.

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