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Integrating TEM to Manage the Explosive Growth of Connections in Latin America


Learn how Tangoe offers a local resource to help maximize the overall value of your enterprise connections, cloud applications, and mobility services in Latin America.

Telecom Expense Management (TEM) has evolved beyond traditional fixed communications services. It now extends to help organizations manage all aspects of IT, cloud, and mobility solutions. In Latin America, enterprise organizations are increasingly adopting more systems and facilities to help manage their operations. This is creating new opportunities for TEM as these organizations integrate existing telecom services with the cloud and mobility.

In a recent interview, Doug Rutherford, Senior Vice President of Latin America, underscored the need for enterprises to take a look at the big picture and decide what needs to be accomplished with cloud services and mobile devices.

He highlighted the importance of starting by taking a tactical inventory of what you have. Without a comprehensive understanding of how these devices and services are being used, gaining visibility into the business impact and the respective ROI of cloud services and mobile devices will be nearly impossible.

According to Rutherford, it is important to ask what you want to achieve with each cloud service. What are they trying to facilitate? What experience do you want these cloud services to provide for the customer or the employee? What do you want your employees to be able to accomplish themselves using these apps? And finally, what are the overall goals of the organization?

Afterwards, an operational system needs to be put in place to facilitate the changes that you’ve you want to make based on your cloud services inventory.