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Innovation’s Effect on Enterprise Telecom Management

enterprise telecom management

Every week, millions of employees work outside traditional cubicle-cramped confines. What many enterprises don’t know, is that 61% of today’s workforces are mobile at least part-time every week due to the innovation occurring in enterprise telecom management.

The breakneck pace of Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) evolution, combined with increased reliance on Managed Mobility Services (MMS), has led to a proliferation of remote employees. Businesses that have embraced this model are experiencing significant benefits, including a 150% return on their mobile investments.

Organizations are mobilizing their workforces so rapidly, in fact, that by 2020 IBM predicts a 44% increase in cloud-hosted workloads. IDC, a global technology intelligence firm, estimates that, by that same year, more than 72% of all United States employees will be considered mobile. Here’s why:

How Enterprise Telecom Management is Lowering Costs

With mobile workforces, sprawling corporate campuses and vast internal enterprise telecom management operations are no longer necessities. From the largest enterprise on the planet to a small business with only a handful of employees, today’s innovative technologies even the playing field by drastically reducing overhead and operational costs.

Recruiting costs and barriers are also minimized or removed entirely, as businesses can seek and hire talent from anywhere rather than being limited to local prospects.

How Enterprise Telecom Management is Increasing Productivity

Whether they’re faced with a few free minutes in traffic or waiting for a meeting to start, remote workers can respond to emails or complete other simple tasks, preventing the drain of valuable company time and resources. Thanks to today’s enterprise telecom management efforts, employees can view and update their work in real-time from anywhere, maximizing future efficiencies, organizational visibility and overall execution.

Greater flexibility in when and where work gets done means that each mobile employee’s efforts are optimized. Individuals largely responsible for deciding what their work environment looks and feels like can efficiently complete tasks thanks to modern enterprise telecom management’s 24/7 communications potential.

How Enterprise Telecom Management is Enhancing Predictability and Consistency

Today’s ETM also guarantees consistent universal experiences regardless of how, when or where customers initiate a transaction. Field agents are equipped with identical research, product/service offerings and pricing information, making customer interactions seamless and understandable from one locale to another.

MMS Makes the Most of Your Mobile Workforce

While mobile workforces have great potential, internal enterprise telecom management can be quite a challenge. An MMS partner helps global organizations centralize, comprehend and control technology while simultaneously providing expertise and a host of services to ETM program end users.

In addition to helping businesses manage remote employees, MMS solutions offer tremendous ROI and dramatic enterprise telecom management spend savings. Need help making the perfect MMS pick? Ask one of our ETM experts why Tangoe MMS is your perfect enterprise partner.