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First Impressions: Tangoe LIVE 2018

As one of the newest members of the Tangoe marketing team, I was fortunate enough to attend Tangoe LIVE during my first month with the company.  Tangoe LIVE was packed full of educational break-out sessions, product demos, industry experts and client panels. The hardest part of attending this event was choosing which sessions to attend.

Tangoe LIVE provided not only education on the industry trends and our products, but it also gave me the opportunity to interact with our clients.  I got to hear about the challenges they face, the solutions they are looking for in our products, and how Tangoe partners with them every step of the way.

Learning from the Client’s Perspective

When Sidra Berman, Tangoe CMO, first took the stage, she welcomed everyone home. Throughout the event, as I continually learned about client experiences with Tangoe, I can easily see why “home” is used as a metaphor. Tangoe truly cares about their clients as we saw during the Client Panels, where clients highlighted instances where they were faced with real-life challenges with technology expense management.

We heard from one client in particular about the implementation of their platform and how it delivered on its value while making their expense management woes disappear. But what surprised me was how she spent most of the time discussing what happened after the implementation. She came across some obstacles of her internal HR processes. She asked Tangoe to help and sure enough, they integrated her internal systems with theirs resulting in streamlined processes in her organization outside of expense management. Tangoe doesn’t just implement a solution and walk away. They take client challenges as an opportunity to improve their platforms.

Looking Forward: Atlas

The Solutions Lab was a popular place to stop by during breaks.  Product demonstrations were presented on large screens in an interactive setting. During this time, I got to see the key features of our newest platform, Tangoe Atlas including:

  • An attractive main dashboard for managing inventory, overall spend and general analytics.
  • Quick drill downs into the desired level of detail with a simple click.
  • An inventory management page clearly displayed images of mobile phones, other devices, or logos of services.
  • An accessible and intuitive reporting functionality. With just a drag and a drop of headers and categories into an easy-to-use design, you can customize any report with the exact information you need.

I would go back often and sit as a fly on the wall during other demonstrations. I wanted to hear what clients were inquiring about and how Tangoe’s solutions could achieve their goals. As client questions were being addressed and product capabilities were being shown, I would hear many enthusiastic “wows” come out during these demonstrations. (I even blurted out a few myself.)

Sharing Insights and Industry Trends

In replacement of a conference room with a formal presentation, the “Talk with Tangoe” sessions were laid back gatherings where everyone comfortably sat on couches. While being presented varied topics, they shared their stories, best practices, and collaborated with one another. In fact, clients commented that one of their favorite parts of the event was being able to interact with other IT professionals.

All the break-out sessions I attended were valuable and provided more opportunities for collaboration. I attended a few on industry trends, but a topic that seemed to generate the most buzz was cloud technology as it’s growing fast and changing how businesses are being run.  I loved hearing another real-life experience where a client faced the complexities of managing a SaaS application in her organization. Faced with a confusing cost structure and lack of usage control, Tangoe was engaged to help. They used their expense management expertise, adapted their platform, and applied to it a SaaS model that provided visibility, control, and savings.

This brings me to the launch of  Atlas. Atlas was built from scratch with an easy-to-use interface and customizable features.  Atlas is designed to grow with your business. It can manage fixed, mobile and any cloud technology, all in one place.

As a new employee, Tangoe LIVE was the perfect orientation. This was an immeasurable experience to obtain valuable knowledge, meet clients, and learn about the true partnership that Tangoe has with them. After attending Tangoe LIVE, I am even more thrilled to be joining such a client-centric organization with products that provide real value and help everyone “work smarter.”

If you’d like get more insights and industry developments from Tangoe LIVE 2018, check out our on-demand webinar: Overview of Tangoe LIVE .