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IDG Reveals Insightful Numbers Behind Cloud Deployments


A recent study conducted by IDG revealed some intriguing metrics regarding the reality of cloud and brought to light common issues that are often overlooked in the business world. But pretending these problems don’t exist or that we have our specific cloud concerns under control can lead to greater difficulties down the road. In fact, in some scenarios, cloud computing can create as many problems and obstacles as it can solutions and efficiencies.


The Narrative behind the Numbers

IDG’s research should resonate deeply with organizations because it illustrates how pervasive and important cloud computing has become in the work force. Billions of people across the globe look to the cloud for everything from flexibility and accessibility to process improvement and business transformation, but both obvious and unassuming issues threaten to undermine the very value of this technology. To protect their assets and data without hindering innovation, organizations need to enlist the help of comprehensive cloud management solutions and services like Tangoe’s MatrixCloud. For more information on how MatrixCloud can help you gain control of your cloud deployments, visit us at