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Welcome Home: Tangoe LIVE 2018

Tangoe LIVE 2018 has arrived! It’s hard to believe it’s been more than a year since I was here with all of you at Tangoe LIVE 2017.

A lot has changed since we announced we were taking Tangoe private at last year’s event. Everyone at Tangoe has worked hard over the last year to improve the value we bring to you, and we hope you view the changes we’ve made for the better.

Our first full day is already a go as Sidra Berman, CMO, welcomed us all home this morning. This is a theme you’ll see throughout Tangoe LIVE. We want you to feel at home, and it was pleasure to welcome you all to an even better home here at Tangoe during my address to you this morning.

Change is something you’ll hear us talk a lot about during this year’s user conference. Just this morning our CEO, Bob Irwin, reminded us of the mega trends impacting our world and our businesses every day: globalization, uberization, and digital transformation. At Tangoe, it’s our job to help you get ahead of these rapid changes so you can lead, work smarter, and focus on the core aspects of your business.

We’re making it happen through our product updates, strategies, and migration plans as Ivan Latanision, EVP of Product, and Tom Flynn, COO, shared in their updates. The entire staff at Tangoe is working hard to drive innovation and bring you the solutions you need.

As our keynote speaker Stephen Shapiro shared, “The world changes, and we need to change to meet the world.” We’re here to help you meet the world and those changes so you can work smarter and solve your toughest challenges. We look forward to digging into solutions for doing just that in our breakout sessions this afternoon.

On behalf of the entire Tangoe Team, welcome to Tangoe LIVE 2018 and welcome home!