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From the Eyes of a New Arrival to the Team: Three Things That I learned at Tangoe’s User Group Meeting


I recently had the opportunity to attend the Tangoe User Group (TUG) meeting in Tampa, FL. As a new employee who works remotely, getting the chance to meet people face-to-face is invaluable. So, since I have fresh eyes to look at both Tangoe and our customers, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to let everyone know what I learned at TUG within the context of my new role.

1.  Tangoe customers are passionate about what they do

This is not a statement about Tangoe solutions, but about the people in the room that are responsible for expense management and spend within their respective companies. These people care about what they do on a daily basis and strive to do the best job possible. In essence, this means not just doing something difficult, but doing something important. As we know, expense management can at times involve a considerable amount of “administrivia” – but once we move past that issue, we see that it is also an area that has real impact on businesses. Expense management is about turning expenses into important opportunities. For the people that attended TUG, the opportunities that positively impact business are key. In fact, these opportunities make people passionate about their jobs.

2.  Innovation is great; just don’t forget about “who brought you”

Tangoe is evolving. With the introduction of the Matrix platform and upcoming releases of new solutions based on its exclusive proprietary architecture, the Tangoe teams understands the importance of making sure their clients are not being left behind. Al Subbloie opened the meeting and closed the meeting with that message: our customers have brought us to this point, and they continue to be vital to our success as we move forward.

3.  Going forward, integration is key

On more than one occasion, specifically when discussing the Matrix platform, people asked about “integration” with other platforms and applications. This query vacillates internally within Tangoe and externally with our customers; even beyond the discussion at TUG this week. It is a key element of the Matrix strategy, because no application is “an island” within our connected Enterprise today. As such, integration is the crucial to ensure Matrix users have the right data and analytical tools at their disposal. In some cases, Matrix may be the single source of truth. In other cases, however, Tangoe synthesizes data from multiple systems and sources to provide our customers with an enhanced view. Ultimately, this integration makes the right data and analytics available to customers so they can make informed, strategic decisions.

So there you have it. Those are the top three things I learned and observed at TUG. As valuable as it was to learn more about our products and solutions, it was inspiring to see just how passionate and dedicated both the Tangoe team and our customers are to achieving mutual success. As Al said more than once “this is an exciting time and we are in for a great journey.” I’m very glad that I’m here for the ride and around for the long haul.