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Engaging Generation Y: How We Connect in a Changing Workplace

Generation Y

Learn how Tangoe helps bring visibility to the complexities surrounding your enterprise organization’s connectivity growth as the workplace adapts to Generation Y. The emergence of new Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies across enterprise organizations is making connectivity expense management a priority for CIOs and other c-level executives. In addition, the rise of Generation Y in the workplace is introducing new technologies more rapidly, changing the way professionals interact with one another. Time is a major factor in optimizing connectivity and BYOD policies and is something executives often don’t have. A comprehensive strategy is needed in order to manage these policies, as well their integration with a new generation or workers. In his latest video, David Walker, Vice President of Strategic Consulting, discusses Tangoe’s consulting methods and provides insights into how to engage Generation Y in the vital policies that enterprises need to implement to remain efficient and competitive. Incentivizing a younger generation includes working with them and the new technologies they bring, without applying a management strategy that will stifle their fast-paced connectivity.


By 2025, up to 75 percent of an organization’s workforce will come from what sociologists call Generation Y. – Gartner


Talking directly to operators can help enterprise organizations better strategize for the future. Connection lifecycle management services provide businesses with professionals that have direct insight to operators and carriers, bringing all of your organizations connectivity information – cloud, fixed and telecom – together in a single, optimized strategy.