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EMM: An Enterprise Solution with a “Particular Set of Skills”


Unless you have been living under a rock for the past five years, you’re likely familiar with at least one of actor Liam Neeson’s action films where he plays an agent with a “particular set of skills” (i.e. the Taken series, or Non-Stop). Watching these films, we see Neeson repeatedly protect an entire hotel/airplane full of people without breaking a sweat. Meanwhile, bystanders go about their daily tasks without a care to the potential threats that await them.

What if the enterprise could have its very own “secret agent” for mobile communications that could adapt and respond to threats on-the-go, empowering employees with the ability to get work done in the way that best suits them and foster agility in the enterprise?

According to a recent Gartner study, one-quarter of nearly 1,000 business people surveyed experienced a security issue with their personal device, but only 27 percent reported the issue to their employer. To help catch all instances of potential threats—reported or not—an EMM (enterprise mobility management) solution, much like a top security agent, ensures safe and secure access to invaluable resources. It monitors, manages, and supports devices and applications for total control over the mobile enterprise. Specifically, it provides:

  • Mobile security and policy compliance: Helps determine which devices and platforms are approved and how to best use them to execute job responsibilities.
  • Application management and deployment: Includes securing the entire application lifecycle, such as installation procedures, app permissions, cloud sourcing, and application compliance.
  • Device containerization: Separates personal and corporate data; restricts individual liable device activity and limits the exchanges of corporate data between only corporate liable devices and corporate email servers.
  • Secure mobile content management: Provides mobile workers with the ability to safely access, alter, and share enterprise content privately, as well as with consumer cloud solutions.
  • Anti-virus protection: Prevents network infiltration and protects against malware attacks, relieving operational and labor costs of internal IT resources.

Having a dynamic and scalable MDM solution boosts existing IT resources with value, quality, and speed. Now more than ever, IT can use a helping hand. If businesses are facing challenges with users not communicating the security issues they are aware of, it’s scary to think about how many breaches are happening that neither IT nor the user are seeing in real-time. That’s why it is crucial for organizations to maintain control over all the devices and applications used in today’s enterprise environment.

Perhaps an EMM solution can be the “secret agent” needed to streamline your businesses’ device management, ultimately minimizing risk and maintaining a secure exchange of data. Want to learn more about the benefits of incorporating an EMM solution into your businesses’ existing mobile security strategy? Click here to learn more.