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EBook: Tackling the Six Principal Challenges of IoT

IoT applications

In his latest EBook, Duke Golden focuses on six main challenges proposed by the myriad of IoT applications on the horizon. Some of these challenges include:

  1. Because most IoT applications affect the enterprise core business, they are managed via direct spend while traditional fixed and mobile services fall under indirect spend, and follow completely different strategic and budgetary guidelines. M2M IoT deployments affect both in different ways.
  2. The popular misconception that M2M data transfer is so minimal; the connectivity price is not an issue.
  3. Timeline-driven, IoT technology implementation can produce huge organisational burdens. Within modern enterprises, there is a propensity for “top-down” deadlines which place the Organization under extreme stress when not realistically set and monitored.
  4. IoT technology evolution is causing a huge knowledge drain in the enterprise which is overwhelming personnel and reducing productivity on a global scale.
  5. There is no doubt that with the enormous amount of new connections into the enterprise network, the security concerns must be proportionally high as a result.
  6. As in any area of the network, proprietary solutions for M2M and IoT applications always introduce an element of risk with regards to interoperability and long term ROI should the sector move in a different direction.

Click here to download the EBook and read recommendations on how to address these challenges and learn how global command and control over the entire Telecom/IT estate in the IoT age will be the single most important success factor for global enterprises who wish to evolve and prosper in the next-generation, IT-centric world of tomorrow.