What is Culture? Season 1 – Episode #6: Exit Interview

What is Culture?

In this episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with my friend Craig Riegelhaupt, Senior Director of Product Marketing, who works in Tangoe’s Shelton, Connecticut office. (Or I should say – used to work out of our Shelton office.) Craig’s last day at Tangoe was March 8, 2019.

We joked that this episode would be his exit interview, and in some ways, it was.

This is special episode and guest for me. I reported directly to Craig for the first three months that I was with Tangoe as the Content Marketing Manager, and he and I got along from the get go. Not only did we have a similar sense of humor, but he believed in me from the beginning. He would always say, “We hired you for a reason, and I trust that you will take us to the next level.” But at the same time, he wasn’t one of those managers who told you everything you did was perfection. He always pushed me to be better. He always challenged me to go beyond good and strive for greatness. Writers like me need that honest feedback to continuously improve. And I couldn’t have asked for a better leader.

Craig Riegelhaupt, Senior Director, Product MarketingA few days after I recorded this episode, I was talking to one of my neighbors while walking my dog. It was a beautiful afternoon and our conversation quickly turned philosophical, and I don’t remember quite why – perhaps it was the birth of my daughter – or the sudden warm-up in the weather, but he said something that stuck. Enough so that I remember it verbatim:

He said: “Life is a puzzle made up of a million pieces. And everyone is trying to put it together throughout their lives. Every time you meet a new person and learn from them, they are giving you another piece that you can use to help you complete the entire puzzle.”

My neighbor, just like Craig, was talking about the importance of relationships.

If it wasn’t for the close connection that I had with Craig, I don’t think I would have had the courage to move forward on this project. I leaned on him a lot, as I worked towards launching this podcast. The whole thing was frightening. My wife was eight months pregnant. I had only been with Tangoe three months, and many of coworkers were questioning the entire scope of the project. Is Bob (our CEO) really serious? Do you think this podcast will last? What if it doesn’t work out? Do we want the public to hear these conversations? I was overwhelmed by fear and anxiety.

But Craig was very grounded. He had a calming effect on me. I remember him saying – if this is something you really want to do, go for it. Don’t listen to any of the other noise. I owe him big time.

Here is my conversation with Craig Riegelhaupt. Let’s all learn from him.

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