What is Culture? Season 1 – Episode #4: Workload

What is Culture?

This week’s guest is Ije Rodgers, a Product Marketing Manager who works in Tangoe’s Parsippany, New Jersey office.

If Tangoe is on a path to rediscovering its culture with the intention to then assess and ultimately create a collective culture that aligns with our core values, then we need to take a look at the current workload of our employees, and ask ourselves, “How we can lessen the burden for those who are overwhelmed?”

Ije Rodgers, Product Marketing Manager

I can certainly understand how an employee who’s working twelve-hour days may find it silly to take ten minutes to play ping pong. I can also understand how some employees may feel taking time at work to relax at all is simply a luxury they cannot afford. For some, that’s their culture. Put your head down and work…especially with looming deadlines.

Until we can make the workload for all our employees more manageable, it’s likely going to be difficult to cultivate a culture that is more communicative, more eager to participate in social events, more likely to utilize the fun games made available to them in our offices.

However, as Ije mentions, John Nelson, Tangoe’s Chief Operations Officer, is leading an initiate to help leverage Robotic Process Automation (or RPA) to reduce the workload of repetitive everyday tasks, this allows the operations team to focus on more important work that requires deeper focus and creativity. Kudos to John and to his team. This a huge step in the right direction.

Still, work is work. I get that. I was raised with an Italian break-your-back work ethic. Believe me, I get it. I am not suggesting that we come to work everyday exclusively to have fun. But there needs to be a balance, especially if an organization is working to foster a positive culture.

Here is my conversation with Ije Rodgers. Let’s all learn from her.

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