What is Culture? Season 1 – Episode #14: The Right Place

What is Culture?

Mandy Tyrrell, a Renewal Specialist for Tangoe who works remotely from our Austin, Texas location, was in the Shelton, Connecticut office earlier this month to attend a quarterly business review with the sales team. The day before we recorded, Mandy was given a 15-minute time slot to present, and during her time, she handed out “goody bags” to all of her colleagues.

Mandy Tyrrell, Renewal Specialist at TangoeInside this small, clear plastic bag [see images below] were eight items: a Chinese yo-yo, a single marble, two rubber bands, a doggie poop bag, a toy safari 4×4, a deck of super hero cards, a sling shot, and a pouch of Big League Chew. (My bag had a roll of Bubble Tape, a last-minute substitution).

Each item within the bag helped paint a mental picture and served as symbolic reminders about how we can and should approach our every day.  Additionally, she sent the entire executive team her gift. Let’s just say she made an impression: Not hours after the items were received, my email and instant message blew up: The line I remember most was: You need to interview Mandy STAT! I said, “Yes; of course – let’s do it.”

The next day, Mandy and I recorded, and she walked me through each item in her goody bag and provided their metaphorical significance. It was a pleasure, a treat, and a gift.

Before we get to this very enlightening episode, here’s some key background information about Mandy: A large portion of her role, as a Renewal Specialist, is engaging with clients early and often. She works closely with sales, identifying clients who are coming up on the end of their contracts, and she addresses any past and present concerns, striving for excellence, doing all she can to not only get the clients to renew, but to become true advocates and promoters of Tangoe.

Gifts from Mandy Tyrrell

What’s also interesting about Mandy is that she was once a client of Tangoe’s!  How cool is that?! Most of her career before joining our team, was working in Global IT Support, and so she is no stranger to technology expense management and managed mobility services. In fact, what she believes has helped make her successful here at Tangoe is having true empathy for and with our clients. She has been on the other side. She understands their pain points, and now she in a position to address them directly.

Here is my conversation with the wonderful Mandy Tyrrell. Let’s all learn from her.

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