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How We Create a Best-in-Class Onboarding Experience at Tangoe

Talent Team

At Tangoe, we know that hiring top talent is the key to any company’s success. Retaining that talent, however, starts with onboarding. This is a multi-faceted process that begins before someone is hired and introduces them to Tangoe’s culture; providing new hires with a fast track to meaningful, productive work and strong employee relations. Our Talent Team partners with hiring managers to make the onboarding process seamless. Here are some simple and universal steps that we follow for ensuring an enjoyable and informative new hire experience.

Prior to the employee’s first day:

  • A “Welcome” email is sent by the Talent Specialist: Our Talent Team always sends a “Welcome to Tangoe” email to a new hire prior to their first day. We encourage hiring managers to respond with a personal touch. Welcoming new hires shows how much we’re personally looking forward to them joining us.
  • The new hire’s desk is clean and IT has set them up with appropriate equipment and, access: We know the importance of those first impressions and understand it’s crucial to pay attention to detail, from stationery and writing utensils to technology that works on day one. We ensure it’s all ready before our new employee starts.

On their first day:

  • An announcement is sent to the new employee’s team: Hiring managers include a short bio and encourage team members to introduce themselves. We make sure they have support while building their own internal network.
  • We give new hires a tour of their facility: We point out different departments and important features and take them to get their badges. We also share the “need to know” stuff, like where to locate the coffee shop or great places to have lunch.
  • New employees are introduced to a team lead or appropriate point person: Who is the team “buddy” that can answer questions, provide support and give advice? When new hires have a friend, they will feel more committed to the company.
  • Hiring managers set aside time to go over the first day agenda/business and action plan: 40 percent of managers fail their new hire because they don’t build teamwork and are unclear on expectations. People want to feel they’re contributing immediately, so an early assignment or project is a great idea. The plan also gives a clear guideline on how they are meeting objectives.

First month:

  • Plan a team activity to integrate your new hire: 22 percent of staff turnover happens in the first 45 days. Planning an activity can help to foster a sense of togetherness between new employees and your existing team.
  • Ask for feedback: We can’t know where to improve unless we actively solicit feedback and address any concerns. It doesn’t have to be highly formal. Even a casual conversation at the coffee machine can show your new hire you care about the quality of their experience.
  • Schedule a 30 day “check in” meeting: We don’t stop at chats over coffee, though! We encourage hiring managers to calendar a more formal meeting with their new employee as well. Prepare by gathering information from your business and action plan, as well as more informal feedback from your team mentor.

It is 69 percent more likely for new hires to stay at an organization for three years or more when a company has a well-structured onboarding program. Using these guidelines will help create a best-in-class new hire experience and retain top talent for years to come!