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The Courage to Challenge Without Bias – Podcast Interview with Tangoe CFO, Rick Young

The CFO Thought Leader podcast brings listeners first-hand accounts of Chief Financial Officers who are currently driving change within their organizations. The show is co-hosted by Jack Sweeney and Steve Player who say the podcast has taught them that most important task of any CFO is to identify “what to stop doing” in order to create the standard for doing what’s required.

The podcast was the recipient of the 2018 Excellence in Financial Journalism Award.

Tangoe’s very own CFO, Rick Young, was recently the spotlight guest on episode 434 of CFO Thought Leader. Rick stepped into the CFO position at Tangoe earlier this year and is now working alongside CEO Bob Irwin to reduce costs, improve productivity and deliver predictable results. Rick discusses what recently led him to Tangoe’s CFO office and the past experiences that have best prepared him for his current role.

“I have a personal mantra: Progress over perfection. There’s no such thing as perfection. To me, perfection means that the world is static, and the world isn’t static. You always have to constantly change and always look to do better.”
– Rick Young

Access the entire podcast episode, The Courage to Challenge Without Bias, here.