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Counting Down to MatrixCloud


In beta, clients and prospects are getting an exclusive glimpse at what MatrixCloud can deliver.

Earlier today we announced the Beta Program for MatrixCloud: our first solution line built on the Matrix Connection Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform. This industry-changing solution manages the lifecycle of all of your cloud service connections including SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. MatrixCloud transforms the way we understand, control, and manage the various aspects of the cloud experience.

Cloud services have quickly become a vital technology, both in our personal lives and in business. If cloud isn’t on your radar, it should be. While cloud services offer many benefits to your business they also carry many potential challenges. Cloud adoption is growing rapidly and services are being on-boarded without the involvement of IT. Tracking hundreds of cloud services represents a formidable challenge for companies. Are you aware of what you’re spending on cloud services? Do you know which cloud applications each specific business unit is using? Our research tells us most don’t know the answers to these questions. We continue to find instances of companies unaware of what they are spending and those that do know, aren’t sure if they are paying what they should be. Some companies are assuming cloud subscriptions and services are static and harmless. But the reality is, it’s a jungle out there. MatrixCloud has the tools to tame the wild and unpredictable skyline of the cloud.

The MatrixCloud beta program will help provide the assurance that these resources are spent efficiently; allowing participants to control their cloud deployments by:

  • Centrally managing cloud assets and expenses
  • Gaining visibility into hidden charges
  • Identifying unused and unknown cloud licenses
  • Eliminating multiple contracts with the same cloud vendors
  • Providing data to negotiate existing and future cloud contracts
  • Accurately allocating cloud assets and expenses

While we’ve already seen MatrixCloud deliver tremendous results, we still look to the invaluable input of our clients, partners, and other trusted teams across the globe to participate in our most ambitious beta release to date.

The MatrixCloud beta program will help us shape the future of cloud control and optimization. In addition to assisting us in fine tuning our new technology, beta participants will be contributing constructively to a solution that will meet your needs today and for the years to come.