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IT Continues to be Challenged by the Growing Complexities Associated with Delivering Enterprise Mobility

enterprise mobility

Tangoe recently conducted a third-party survey to IT managers to better understand the challenges they face when tasked with delivering an enterprise mobility strategy in their organization.  The survey revealed that IT staff are continuously pressured by the growing challenges of enterprise mobility and are looking for more resources and solutions to help them.  With the headline-grabbing data and security scares, it’s no wonder that security is keeping IT managers awake at night with 65 percent acknowledging that it remains the most challenging aspect of their jobs with respect to their management of mobile needs, and 55 percent seeing security as the biggest mobile challenge facing their organizations in the future.

More than half of those surveyed who oversee and manage mobile devices as part of their job responsibilities said they do their jobs completely by themselves!!  And what is more surprising is that very few use third-party Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) or Managed Mobility Solutions (MMS) vendors, although many said they hope to within the next two years.  The research expresses many of the same concerns that our clients first had when they embarked on an enterprise mobility strategy with us and, it showcases just how much pressure that internal IT staffs face with the growing complexity of managing an ever-expanding mobile workforce.

To learn more about the survey, check out the press release here.