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Complex Simplicity: The Paradox of Mobility


As this is my first blog as Director of Product Marketing here at Tangoe, I thought I’d say hello and be brief and simple. I like simplicity. Keep it Simple Stupid kind of simplicity (KISS)–especially with mobile.

I like to talk about mobile more than most other technologies.  You can touch it, feel it, and experience its vast power from the palm of your hand.  Not surprisingly, many people have an emotional (even neurotic) connection to their device.  But despite our love for mobility and its boundless capabilities, it always carries with it an unavoidable burden of complexity.

Ajay Kumar of PC Magazine presented an article back in June that discussed how to save money on cell phone plans. In his article, he attempted to simplify and demystify the selection of a device and carrier plan for the average Joe.  I found the piece to be informative and overall a good read; it even offered a cost calculator and some carrier plan comparisons.  But, if choosing a plan is this complicated for an individual, consider the increased magnitude of complexity when choosing plans for an entire global workforce. Kumar wrote:

“Choice can be paralyzing, especially when carriers seem hell-bent on making the process as complex as possible…Carriers go out of their way to make it as difficult as possible to find straightforward prices for any plan or offer…”

Challenge of choice and heightened complexity are pushing mobility into the same 80/20 budget trap that the IT department is dealing with for other infrastructure technologies.  But it doesn’t have to be this way. Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is reversing this trend, similar to what the Cloud did with IT maintenance.

I have been reaching out to our customers to learn a bit more about them–their needs, objectives, and current process and technologies, and one comment stuck with me.  When discussing MaaS offerings, one CIO said: “This is not about money even though the savings are great. It’s so easy, reliable, and consistent. MaaS takes the guess work out of the equation.”

By its very nature MaaS is simple and efficient. MaaS answers questions you might not have even asked yet. But I’ll start with one, “How much time are you spending on Mobile maintenance for your organization?”

Next week I’ll talk more about MaaS and how it may be the savior of simplicity that mobility needs. Stay tuned!