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Three Enterprise Technology Management Software Must-Haves

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Making the decision to update an Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) software’s User Interface (UI) is bold. If rushed without proper research and product testing, the results can be disastrous. If done well, however, something else happens: every dollar invested creates 100 more for the company – that’s a 9,900% Return on Investment (ROI)!

Designing any ETM software’s new look is a complicated, multi-stage process. Regardless of the industry or product’s intended use, an effective UI needs to be three things: configurable, consistent and flexible.

Enterprise Technology Management Software Must-Have #1: Configurability

An updated ETM software UI should be configurable and customizable. While new features and capabilities are nice to have, the most important quality to drive end-user adoption is ensuring the UI satisfies unique business needs and integrates with existing enterprise technologies to properly focus software in a way that inspires new levels of interest in the product. It also transforms the interface into a foundation from which new logical, intuitive end-user functionalities can be built and launched.

While configurable ETM software enhances individual experiences and enables end users to change their interface’s layout and content, not all users are savvy or motivated enough to take advantage. Make sure interface customization is adding to a robust product, not fixing an inferior one.

Enterprise Technology Management Software Must-Have #2: Consistency

The most successful ETM software solutions generate repeatable experiences. That means a UI’s appearance, terminology, workflows/processes and capabilities are identical regardless of role or access level. A consistent interface minimizes user confusion, leading to rapid efficiency and productivity gains.

In addition to expediting employee learning curves, a universal look facilitates enterprise-wide communication and creates a more cohesive, satisfied user population. It also makes securing and supporting enterprise technologies a much easier and cheaper task. Since end users leverage a single, consistent interface, ETM teams can apply corrective measures globally, immediately and confidently.

Enterprise Technology Management Software Must-Have #3: Flexibility

A new ETM software UI should feature flexible, responsive design so that mobile technologies can navigate the platform as easily as traditional office technologies. In today’s digital landscape, mobile devices are responsible for 60% of online usage, leading 61% of employees to abandon an ETM solution if it isn’t optimized for mobile asset access.

Flexibility makes sense from a financial standpoint as well. It takes more time and money to design, support and manage a standalone mobile solution rather than simply implementing a single, one-interface-fits-all product. Plus, this characteristic often leads itself to other innovations like reduced loading times and interactive visualizations.

Could your ETM program use configurable, consistent, and flexible software? If so, talk to one of our global experts to find out how Tangoe can help you centralize, comprehend, and control technology.