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Does the Convenience of the Cloud Conceal Potential Consequences?

Imagine this scenario: your colleague is working remotely and desperately needs a video clip to finish the presentation she is working on. She can’t access your organization’s server and the file is just too large to email.

You: I can get this video clip to you. Do you have a Box account?

Colleague: I don’t think I do. Yikes, I really need this video to complete my presentation and it’s getting down to the wire.

You: No worries, I can use my corporate card to pay for a cloud service. Here’s one I’ve heard good things about and it’s only $125 a month. This is for work purposes so I’m sure IT won’t mind. They will magically be made aware that I am using this service so I guess there’s no security concern (*wink wink*).

So, to make things easier on your colleague and show that you’re a team player, you use your corporate credit card to purchase a one-off subscription to a cloud-based file hosting service. You load it and send the link along to your colleague.

Colleague: Thank you so much! I was able to download the file and complete my presentation.

You: It was my pleasure. Using Box really made things easy.

Colleague: It sure did! I’ll see you in the office next Monday. Bye!

This scenario is a common one and representative of the convenience of the cloud, which can at times be quite misleading. Cloud applications make it easy to share files and empower the mobile workforce, but they can also lead to major unanticipated costs. In this scenario, there may have been another department in the organization that had a license for a transfer app. Or perhaps there was already a company-wide approved cloud application purchased for employees.

Consider how much money could have been saved by using an existing account and how much more secure these files would be if IT were able to monitor the process.

Despite the benefits of collaboration and convenience that cloud apps offer, the sheer number of cloud apps coming into the enterprise has left organizations grappling with consumption issues. Organizations need visibility and control over all cloud apps being used throughout the company in order to control spending, reduce risk, and increase productivity.

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