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CFO Tech Outlook: Transparent Telecom Expense Management

Organizations are deploying mobility to transform their entire business and deliver best-in-class customer experience. The complexities associated with mobility, ever-changing technologies, and rising security concerns have yielded a new set of challenges for industries across sectors especially with device security, and managing and controlling the costs of changing equipment and rate plans. As a result, enterprise sourcing and IT teams are on the lookout for a permanent solution that can increase visibility and control over mobility and network assets, and optimize resources utilization throughout the technology lifecycles.

As a measure to manage and control the costs of changing equipment and rate plans, “Companies must establish policy and procedures around the evolving management of telecom and mobile expenses that aligns with corporate objectives,” explains Bob Irwin, CEO of Tangoe. Irwin identified the need of optimum equipment, carrier and rate plan, and reduced corporate security risks—all managed through a single service provider. Catering to every organization’s challenge in mitigating the risks and complexities related to technological transformations, Tangoe’s Telecom Expense Management (TEM) dominates the business landscape in optimizing the inventory, expense, and use of network and mobile technologies—enabling increased productivity, reduced IT costs and improved data security.

Benefiting from the tremendous opportunity in telecom expense management, Tangoe’s specialized knowledge and skills help clients accelerate their businesses transformation and focus on innovation. The company empowers every organization with the capabilities that are essential for success: inventory visibility, usage governance, and spend management. Through their leading TEM managed services, “Tangoe helps clients regain visibility and control across their mobile and network technologies throughout their lifecycles—from procurement and deployment to support and retirement— ensuring IT teams have the detailed visibility and control for accelerating their organizational success,” says Irwin.

Using technology-enabled solutions, Tangoe’s offerings eliminate complexities associated with mobile and network technologies. Leveraging over 16 years of business experience and unmatched domain expertise, the market leader fills the gaps and supplements organizational resources with reliable technology and need-based scalable services for over 40 percent of the Fortune 500 client base. The company’s proven track record of meeting and exceeding customer demands, especially serving the complex needs of multi-national corporations.

With more than 60 communications invoice receipt centers and 15 global offices with local support, Tangoe helps enterprises manage and optimize clients’ communications environments in every major global region including Latin America, China, India, and Australia. Holding 40 patents, the company’s award-winning solutions are implemented across 11 data centers worldwide. The global presence allows the firm to provide service coverage in various countries and territories, process six million+ invoices annually, 30,000 help desk calls monthly, and 60,000 mobile fulfillment orders per month.

By incorporating the foundational capabilities into areas such as mobility and cloud applications, Tangoe’s vision is to help and guide clients on their business transformation journeys and remain competitive. Focusing on the user experience, service delivery, broader offerings of their services, and in-country reach capabilities, Tangoe has been investing significantly in improving the UI/UX experience for their clients. Tangoe’s recent acquisition by Marlin Equity Partners and merger with their competitor Asentinel, in addition to its strong partnerships with Samsung, ServiceNow, and MobileIron, among others serves as technology partners, service partners, and additional channels to market. “The scope, global reach, and automation capabilities of Tangoe have created the world’s largest, most trusted, and single TEM solutions provider,” Irwin concludes.

Tangoe helps clients regain visibility and control across their mobile and network technologies throughout their lifecycles from procurement and deployment to support and retirement.
Bob Irwin