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Catch Five Costly Carrier Billing Misses with Wireless Expense Management

wireless expense management

Wireless expense management teams know carrier bills are expensive. The average monthly cost per line (according to Tangoe’s Managed Mobility Services [MMS] customer data) exceeds $51. Multiply that by hundreds or thousands of assets, and it’s easy to understand why enterprises are constantly searching for ways to cut costs.

While each Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) program features unique wireless carrier offerings, our wireless expense management experts have identified five consistent industry savings opportunities. If you’re looking to trim the mobile technology budget, here are the five best places to start:

Wireless Expense Management Savings Opportunity #1: Zero-Use Lines

Without a reliable wireless expense management platform and global carrier integrations, employee asset usage can be almost impossible to manage and track. If an end user leaves the company with an active line of service or neglects a company-owned device altogether, will your program administrators ever find out?

In our experience, unused carrier lines are responsible for the largest portion of unnecessary ETM program spend. More than 37% of Tangoe’s historic wireless expense management savings are the direct result of identifying and suspending or disconnecting unidentified zero-use lines. Expense management isn’t the only concern, however—sensitive enterprise data stored on inactive devices can be an easy, unprotected target for hackers.

Our software-driven wireless expense management, on the other hand, generates zero-use reports and alerts ETM program managers of active lines that haven’t been used in 60- and 90-day intervals. These automated alerts enable organizations to determine the safest, most cost-effective course of action for dealing with each employee-owned device.

Wireless Expense Management Savings Opportunity #2: Unpooled Plans

Every user is different, but that doesn’t mean each one deserves his or her own wireless carrier plan. Managing dozens of different plans and features is complicated; while it can eliminate the potential for overages, doing so usually confuses ETM program administrators and costs an enterprise more money in the long run.

Pooled carrier plan recommendations for enterprise mobility efforts make up more than 22% of Tangoe’s historic wireless expense management savings. Rather than figuring out individual users’ monthly usage needs and hoping they don’t exceed plan limits, it’s much easier and cheaper to group similar employee roles or usage rates into pools of minutes and data that are communally used. By doing so, overages can be avoided in a way that accounts for users’ fluctuating usage and support needs from one month to the next.

Wireless Expense Management Savings Opportunity #3: Unnecessary Voice/Data Allowances

If users are responsible for selecting their own monthly voice and data plan allowances, their employer is probably flushing thousands of dollars’ worth of unused minutes and megabytes down the drain. If employees aren’t paying the bill, they’re probably not closely monitoring usage—meaning a large portion of ETM spend is the result of little more than end-user guesswork.

Historically, more than eight percent of Tangoe’s wireless expense management savings have stemmed from correcting inefficient plan choices. That’s because software-driven solutions like ours pay attention to carrier usage data 24/7 and analyze user behavior trends to make more cost-effective plan recommendations.

Wireless Expense Management Savings Opportunity #4: Lack of International Roaming Features

Travelers are no stranger to overages and expensive monthly wireless bills. Checking email even once or twice a day can result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in charges depending on the country and carrier.

Our wireless expense management solution offers automated travel workflows capable of tracking departure and arrival dates and destinations to ensure an end user’s line is equipped with necessary features and overages are minimized. Ensuring the addition of international roaming features to end-user lines of service has resulted in more than six percent of Tangoe’s historic savings.

Wireless Expense Management Savings Opportunity #5: Unnecessary International Data Features

While it’s important to have international data roaming features available for travelers, unnecessary or excessive features can be every bit as expensive as a user incurring overages. Identifying frequent travelers and how often they use their device overseas is critical for successful wireless expense management.

Tangoe not only prevents employees from adding unnecessary international data features, but also automates feature changes and additions if foreign data allowances are exceeded. In fact, five percent of our historic wireless expense management savings are the result of international data limit optimization.

Want to see how Tangoe’s wireless expense management capabilities can help you reduce ETM expenses? Talk to one of our global technology experts to learn more about how we can help you save enterprise spend.