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Automation and Tangoe’s Next Generation of Telecom Management Tools

telecom management tools

In today’s Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) environment, automation is helping business get more work done than ever before. Pinch yourself if you must, but this isn’t a dream or some weird, sci-fi-themed movie. Whether they’re driving cars through 20,000 different tests or assembling online grocery orders in a matter of minutes, bots and automation are here to stay.

If you’re not familiar with these next-gen telecom management tools, automation enables enterprise IT to connect to third-party systems without a costly, time-consuming integration or a labor-intensive swivel chair process. While a direct integration does have its own benefits, automation streamlines ETM programs by minimizing (if not eliminating) human errors, processing repetitive tasks and automatically delivering data whenever and wherever it’s needed.

As a global ETM partner that leverages automation to facilitate more than 7,200 customer interactions; process almost 5,000 activities; and create more than 83,000 billing data transformations every day, Tangoe helps customers save time and money through goBots—our next-gen family of telecom management tools.

Meet goBots: Tangoe’s Next Generation of Telecom Management Tools

Several months (and hundreds of development hours) later, goBots were ready to simplify and streamline ETM processes. Though each bot does something different (just like any group of employees), goBots essentially connect our customers’ ETM programs with adjacent systems to facilitate predictable, automated and error-free interactions. These Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven telecom management tools migrate repetitive, labor-intensive tasks to machine-learned processes, allowing employees to focus more of their workday on strategic tasks instead.

Want to learn more about each member of the goBot family? Let’s look at each bot and how it helps Tangoe customers’ ETM efforts:


As a standard feature of the Tangoe Managed Mobility Services (MMS) Help Desk, Audrey is the talkative, user-friendly face of our goBots family—she provides interactive webchat support for end users that need help or have questions about their ETM program’s policies. Currently, Audrey handles almost 20% of Tangoe’s help desk live chat volume.

Audrey assists remote workers through a built-in natural language processor, meaning she learns from past conversations and uses that knowledge to figure out the intent of any new request. This also means that a simple command (or typing any one of approximately 250 curse words) automatically sends her webchat to a human support agent. Pretty cool, huh?


Unlike Audrey, Johnny doesn’t do much talking. He does do a lot of other things, however, like placing hardware orders, making service plan and feature changes, disconnecting lines of service and automating pretty much any other service provider-related task you can imagine. What a talented telecom management tool!

With Johnny’s help, Tangoe reduces average network operator transaction times from several minutes to just a few seconds while simultaneously removing the potential for human data entry errors. Today, he performs almost 60% of all ETM-related help desk activities without the need for human intervention.


Do automated telecom management tools have friends? We’d like to think so, and partnerships like Johnny and Otto give us hope. Anytime Johnny automates an activity, Otto is ready and waiting to finish it up within Tangoe’s goMobile platform.

As our communication parser bot, Otto sifts through email inboxes to find third-party confirmation numbers and shipping information attached to Johnny’s activities. Once he’s able to track this data down, he records these communications into each activity’s notes section, closes the activities out and automatically alerts relevant managers and end users of any changes.


Now it’s time to meet Mikey, Tangoe’s billing data collection bot. While his job may not sound very exciting on the surface, everybody loves him because he helps save money. Mikey collects and delivers billing data from hundreds of global third-party systems into goMobile without breaking a sweat.

For any monthly carrier, vendor or external partner bill a customer has, Mikey works hard to validate and optimize every charge. That means actionable expense savings recommendations made available well before each billing cycle ends. Today, Mikey imports more than 800 reports across almost 60 countries every month—eliminating more than 120 hours of work for Tangoe’s Expense Management Team.


As our newest goBot, Rosie is a special breed of bot that takes it upon herself to save customers money. After Mikey collects and shares unbilled carrier usage reports every month, Rosie automatically finds how much usage each shared carrier data pool has left. Using a combination of predictive and prescriptive analytics, Rosie analyzes recent usage trends to take telecom expense recommendations to an entirely new level of simplicity.

If a line of service won’t incur overages, this telecom management tool automatically emails the user of her findings. However, if that line has already exceeded monthly data consumption limits or is predicted to do so before the end of the month, she searches through carrier catalogs to find plans and features that minimize overage charges before handing her recommendations over to Johnny. Then, this tag-team automatically creates, processes, and closes out each spend-saving opportunity—without a single human employee having to lift a finger.

Want to learn more about goBots and how Tangoe uses automated telecom management tools to streamline global ETM? Talk to one of our experts and uncover the potential these telecom management tools can create.