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Automate, Innovate and Transform – Tangoe’s Strategies for Technology Expense Management

Don’t you just love the words Automate, Innovate and Transform? To me, “automate” just makes me feel things will be easier and faster. “Innovate” lets me know that new things will be improved and “transform” just lets me know that new and better things are coming!

This is all part of Tangoe’s new product strategy announced yesterday. These strategies will achieve faster processes, new enhancements and improved capabilities leading to an increase in client satisfaction, ‘cause after all, who doesn’t want things to be easier and faster?

So what does this “automation, innovation and transformation mean to our clients?

According to our CEO, Bob Irwin “Our new product strategy changes the way customers think about technology expense management.”

Tangoe has added capabilities and features into our platforms that will transform manual efforts into faster, more accurate processes. One being, the processing of invoices. Now clients can benefit from faster turnaround times and even more accurate service, including reporting and analytics  –  if only everything in life could be “automated.”

The “Big 3”

Another part of the Tangoe strategy is our platform migrations. While sometimes change can be nerve-wracking I can assure you, this is truly a beneficial initiative for our clients.

Think of it like iPhones.  When the original iPhone launched, it was innovative and exciting. 11 years later and it is just plain better. Some of our clients have been working on our older platforms for years, and with any technology, newer versions include enhancements. The older platforms don’t always have the functionality to work with ever-changing business needs.

Over the next two years or so, clients on our older platforms will be migrated (or should I say upgraded) to one of the “Big 3” Platforms: Tangoe Rivermine, Tangoe Asentinel or Tangoe Atlas. From what we’ve heard so far, our clients are excited to be a part of these platforms and our implementation teams will be with them every step of the way, so that there is no interruption to current business processes. We know our clients will greatly benefit from their advanced capabilities.


The third part of this product strategy includes enhancement to our newest platform, Tangoe Atlas.  Tangoe’s experience in telecom and mobile management has expanded to include Cloud technology. Managing cloud services have proved to include similar challenges we have seen with TEM . The good news is there is no one better than Tangoe to help you optimize your cloud services.

Atlas is an all-in-one platform that can support your fixed and mobile assets and provide cost control and optimization for all your technology, including Cloud- SaaS, IaaS and PaaS services.  The great news about this, is that implementation will be simple. Clients who have already established processes and corporate policies to work with their current Tangoe platform will benefit by utilizing those same methodologies to manage Cloud services. To learn more about the current enhancements to Tangoe Atlas, click here. 

Tangoe’s Product Strategy announcement yesterday reinforces the commitment Tangoe has made to their clients.  They will constantly work to automate, innovate and transform their services so our technology works for our clients.

Read more about the Tangoe’s Product Strategy announcement here.