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Authority on Telecom Management Practices Conference: Value in Three Days


On February 16, 2015, mobility experts will gather for a three day conference in Orlando, Florida to discuss the most innovative ways of managing telecom expenses. Known as AOTMP (or Authority On Telecom Management Practices), the organization sets out to create an environment where executives from various companies gain insight into how each is managing his or her own telecom environment. The attendees will most likely be those making crucial decisions most valued in a telecom environment and for whom the conference is tailored. With 20 hours of training, presentations and work out sessions, AOTMP holds a value far exceeding its cost. In addition, each guest will have multiple networking opportunities not only with other guests but with various telecom experts. For example, companies such as Hewlett-Packard and the State of Indiana will give their perspective and answer questions regarding the future of fixed and mobile telecom management.

AOTMP has also set up a best practices-driven approach to how organizations should manage fixed and mobile telecom environments. This program creates value by showing organizations how to evolve their telecom environment “from an operating expense into a strategic asset that is used to drive business results.” The program is called The Efficiency First Program and it focuses on five main attributes within telecom environments; People, processes, technology, services, and costs.

The collaborative nature of the AOTMP conference is extremely important. Guests will have the opportunity to compare with each other the efficiency of their current telecom management practices and receive a custom efficiency report. Along with this comes a breadth of information on best practices for BYOD – as it requires organizations to stay abreast of constantly changing tax laws, employee expenses, employee roles, and the geographic location of devices.

One of the greatest benefits in attending AOTMP is leaving with a sense of confidence of knowing the most updated and novel ideas in the field of telecom expense management. Guests will increase their knowledge base and return to their organization with credits towards telecom certification (should their organization determine ATOMP University be pursued), thereby enabling them to introduce new telecom strategies into their enterprise. After returning from the conference, guests will naturally be expected to review the materials with their executives to discuss and share what they’ve learned. A company that sends one of its members to AOTMP will essentially be investing in knowledge for the entire organization, not just the single member who attends.

Tangoe’s role in this event will be to inform at a high level regarding how, in the 21st century, organizations are experiencing a change in how they connect to their prospects, clients, employees, and suppliers. The number of connection points – already in the billions across multiple enterprises – is constantly changing and growing. And for those executives responsible for the management of fixed and mobile assets, knowing how to adapt is essential.  Connections from the cloud, social collaboration, IT, and machine (IoT) all contribute to the chaos and concern. Tangoe’s informative session will address these dynamic changes and the impact they have on corporate communication managers.  Expect to see a presentation worth twenty five years of experience in the wireless telecom field. Wayne DeCesaris, who himself has designed, developed, and architected cellular billing systems around the globe, will present From Chaos to Connected: Seizing Control of Today’s Communications Change.

On February 16th of 2015, when members gather in the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport for the AOTMP conference, they will learn real strategies that generate results. As many enterprises have already learned, this is well worth the trip.