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Taking Tangoe Atlas Cloud Expense Management Capabilities for a Test Drive. Here’s What I Learned

Did you know that by 2020 organizations that lack cost optimization processes will average 40% overspend in public cloud? (Gartner) You’re probably familiar with all the benefits Cloud services can bring to your organization, but what you may (or may not) be familiar with is how complex it is to manage these services. With cloud usage growing at an expected rate of 21.4% this year alone, the need for a management system is becoming more and more of a necessity.

Providing visibility, control and savings into your fixed and mobile expenses is what Tangoe does best. We’re now bringing that same expertise with our newest platform, Atlas. Tangoe Atlas can manage your fixed, mobile and now cloud expense all in one place.

We recently demonstrated Tangoe Atlas in a client webinar, focusing on the cloud expense management capabilities. As a relatively new member of the Product Marketing team, I really enjoyed getting a closer look at Atlas again. Every time I join a demo, I spot something new, and this time the user-friendly and ease of use of Atlas really stood out to me.

Clarity, Visibility, and Control in One Single Dashboard


In particular, I took note of the clear dashboard. Here you’ll find the spend and usage information for SaaS, Iaas, and PaaS applications in your entire organization. Drilling deeper into each one makes it even easier to obtain the information you need.

“Knowing who has what in your organization and how they are using it is the first step to controlling your cloud expenses.”

The demonstration began by taking us through the End User Portal where you can view all your cloud inventory. The “My Asset View” lists the cloud assets that are assigned to an individual employee. For instance, a SaaS license is considered an asset and can be assigned to an employee and/or cost center. Therefore, you can easily view the total cost of an employee or the total charges for a department or cost center.

This portal also includes a catalogue for Cloud Services to request software licenses. The great thing about this is that Atlas allows for your organization to create specific policies designating which employees are entitled to which services. You can even specify the steps necessary for an internal approval process. With this configurable workflow, approved orders are then routed to the your fulfillment group. The entire ordering process can be completely customized for what makes sense for your organization.

Having centralized visibility can help you identify which applications or platforms are being consumed or under-utilized, eliminating waste and leading to possible cost savings.

The Tangoe Atlas dashboard solves the problem of managing multiple cloud platforms by bringing all your cloud services under one consolidated view. This feature provides visibility for your cloud expenses and are organized into SaaS, PaaS and IaaS as your organization defines them.

Tools to Managing Usage and Avoiding Waste

The dashboard includes a view into the usage and capacity for your assets. Clearly defined charts allow you to break down these costs and usage into varied levels of detail, so that you’re able to track each service, usage, and number of users.  By having this information right at your fingertips, you can fully analyze and optimize your purchases based on demand and actual usage to ultimately avoid waste.

When it comes to managing IaaS and PaaS, it’s easy to keep up with trends and insights of your monthly spend within each account.

With the Atlas dashboard, you are also able to:

  • Drill down into invoice detail
  • Automate expenses and invoice collection
  • Easily view all your accounts as the information is standardized
  • View charges details including line and subline charges from invoices

With Tangoe Atlas, costs that normally sit with IT can now be charged-back to the departments who actually consume them. The ability to allocate costs to other departments or cost centers is just one of the great benefits of Atlas. You can even customize your chargeback process and invoices all while establishing a better way to budget and forecast.

The reporting capabilities allow you to create, customize and even schedule reports to automatically be sent out, streamlining the entire process.

Managing cloud expenses is complicated and Tangoe Atlas makes it easier, providing the visibility and control over all your cloud services. Even though the demonstration was a high-level presentation of the main features and capabilities, I felt that Tangoe had “thought of everything.” However, I know that they are constantly working to add new features and functionality to ensure the best possible customer experience.

Ready to get a closer look at Tangoe Atlas and its capabilities for Cloud Expense Management yourself? Check out the demo now!