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No longer are companies content with an “all-in” approach to manage their business. Today’s organizations are taking stock of the practices they implemented in early 2020, looking at the strategies of either all on-site or all remote, and searching for a new, “third” way of realizing the potential of hybrid work environments. 
From Gartner: 

The hybrid everything trend applies to all parts of our lives in all industries. It is not limited to hybrid workplace practices. This trend’s biggest challenge is found in an enterprise’s current mindset: that they think they’ve already implemented hybrid ways for employees, customers and citizens. Enterprises should not think that they are done pursuing their hybrid goals. They need to go further. Why? Enterprises did great things during the lockdowns, but there are challenges that need to be fixed.  

And it’s not just about fixing our current hybrid ways. Opportunities to innovate are on the near horizon. Regulatory changes combined with emerging technologies are providing a canvas for completely new innovative ways. E-signatures, telemedicine and drone regulations are being approved or loosened. Broad connectivity via low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites and better connectivity via 5G will open doors to better hybrid ways. These are just examples of the many emerging technologies that will help enterprises improve the hybrid practices for their employees and customers. 

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