Nathalie Leroux

Nathalie Leroux

Global Product Marketing Manager Nathalie is a Global Product Marketing Manager at Tangoe and brings 20 years of experience in software and telecom. Nathalie manages product marketing for mobile and fixed technologies, bringing a wealth of knowledge with a background in Account Management, Client Relations, Marketing, Solution Architecture, and BPO Managed Services.

Recent Posts

Telecom and IT Invoice Payment: The Three C’s – Complicated, Costly, and Cumbersome

By Nathalie Leroux / August 10, 2017

Are you tired of all the hassles that go along with paying your telecom and IT vendors? Can you imagine the day when you no longer have to worry about paying telecom, and IT bills thanks to a simplified process that includes enhanced security, tangible cost reductions, and increased operational efficiencies? We compiled a list […]

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Improved Cash Flow Makes for Better Business

By Nathalie Leroux / August 4, 2017

Many businesses spend considerable time with treasury and finance organizations thinking about cash flow. Cash management can be crucial to ensuring solid balance sheets and liquidity, with improvements opening up investment opportunities without necessarily needing to take on additional debt. Certainly, managing accounts receivables is one area where cash flow can be improved. But it […]

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Telecom and IT Invoices: The Perpetual Battle

By Nathalie Leroux / August 3, 2017

People working in finance or who have AP responsibilities that include paying telecom invoices are in a perpetual battle to pay bills on time to avoid disconnected services and late fees. In light of this reality, several bill payment services have emerged to meet the unique challenges of enterprises who struggle with invoice-related issues. To […]

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The Enterprise Wish List for 5G

By Nathalie Leroux / May 2, 2016

First things first: advertising touting mobile networks that are “4G” or “5G” or even “10G” are just that, advertisements. When carriers started the commercial availability of 4G, the technologies included LTE, WiMAX and even HSDA/HSPA/HSPA+. Most users were not too concerned with the alphabet soup, as long as fewer calls are dropped and streaming and […]

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