Nathalie Leroux

Nathalie Leroux

Global Product Marketing Manager Nathalie is a Global Product Marketing Manager at Tangoe and brings 20 years of experience in software and telecom. Nathalie manages product marketing for mobile and fixed technologies, bringing a wealth of knowledge with a background in Account Management, Client Relations, Marketing, Solution Architecture, and BPO Managed Services.

Recent Posts

The Enterprise Wish List for 5G

By Nathalie Leroux / May 2, 2016

First things first: advertising touting mobile networks that are “4G” or “5G” or even “10G” are just that, advertisements. When carriers started the commercial availability of 4G, the technologies included LTE, WiMAX and even HSDA/HSPA/HSPA+. Most users were not too concerned with the alphabet soup, as long as fewer calls are dropped and streaming and […]

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Conquering Mobility: How understanding the mobile lifecycle is key to effective management

By Nathalie Leroux / October 6, 2015

Most enterprises by now have some sort of a mobile policy or strategy in place, but surprisingly these attempts at managing mobility most often prove inadequate. This is a serious issue with billions of dollars at stake. In fact, according to Apple, their enterprise-related sales alone were worth $25 billion in revenue from the middle […]

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IoT Value Chains: The Future Is Not What It Used to Be

By Nathalie Leroux / August 18, 2015

Not too long ago, the world was predictable; at least for technology. For consumers and IT practitioners, Windows gave way to Windows NT, and then ’95, ’98, 2000, ME, Vista, 2003, and other versions. You knew what you were getting. Disruption? PC Standards made sure your cheese never moved too far from your mouse. At […]

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Updating Your Mobile Plan for International Travel

By Nathalie Leroux / June 2, 2015

Forgetting to update your mobile plan for international travel can potentially cost you thousands in unplanned costs. Did you ever wonder what changes you need to make to your mobile plan when traveling internationally? Did you ever forget to make changes to your mobile plan before traveling internationally?  Did you pick the right plan? Did […]

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