Craig Riegelhaupt

Craig Riegelhaupt

Craig is the Director of Product Marketing for Mobile Solutions at Tangoe. His broad background in technology, finance, and hands-on experience with start-ups allow him to view business solutions holistically from a customer’s perspective. Craig received his undergraduate degree from SUNY Binghamton and his MBA from UNC Kenan-Flagler. Based out of the greater New York City area, Craig focuses on mobile trends, technology, and policy across all markets and organizations. He is a key player in defining mobile strategy messaging at Tangoe.

Recent Posts

IT continues to be challenged by the growing complexities associated with delivering enterprise mobility

By Craig Riegelhaupt / March 9, 2017

Tangoe recently conducted a third-party survey to IT managers to better understand the challenges they face when tasked with delivering an enterprise mobility strategy in their organization.  The survey revealed that IT staff are continuously pressured by the growing challenges of enterprise mobility and are looking for more resources and solutions to help them.  With […]

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Rapid Increases in Mobile Spending Leave Room for Strategic Savings

By Craig Riegelhaupt / February 3, 2017

The Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association lists approximately 30 US-based wireless service providers, with 93% of Americans having more than 4 wireless provider choices.  However, as studies have shown, more choice is not always a good thing. One of the key points that Gartner highlights is the idea of carrier consolidation. This means limiting US […]

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Logistics Center Opens the Door for MMS Expansion at Tangoe

By Craig Riegelhaupt / December 14, 2016

Tangoe recently opened its newly expanded Logistics Center in Austin Texas.  With the expanded facility, Tangoe has the scale to do large equipment refreshes, as well as on-site rapid repairs and device replenishments, enabling a one-stop shop for customers.  The facility handles both forward logistics – where fully programmed devices customized to a particular customer’s […]

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Move Beyond the Burden of Doing

By Craig Riegelhaupt / November 22, 2016

While IT and telecom departments continue to be overburdened with the day-to-day administration of the telecom support and management process, they are now also tasked with becoming more strategic. However, with limited resources and constant pressure to cut costs, many don’t have the time to apply a systematic, best practices approach to managing their entire […]

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