Asentinel has joined with Tangoe to make managing telecom expenses stress-free. Here’s how:

Asentinel TEM

Innovation meets insight.

Asentinel Telecom Expense Management

Easily reduce, control, and optimize telecom expenses. Get the business intelligence and actionable insights you need to put success into overdrive.

Get a handle on enterprise telecom

Everything you ever wanted in Telecom Expense Management software from procuring equipment to financial forecasting.

If it has to do with your business’s telecom resources, you’ll find it here:

  • Invoice Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Contract Management
  • Order Management

Put your data to work

All the analytics you need. Use powerful data and create dashboards to drive enterprise telecom decisions.

Perfect bill payments

On time, every time. Supercharge operational efficiency while reducing costs with our Bill Pay solution for telecom invoices.

Managed Services

Powerful software unites with a team of determined allies to watch your telecom spend like a hawk. Your business is protected from telecom overcharges through and through.

Ready to transform telecom in your business?


Asentinel MMS

Technology and expertise unite in real time.

Asentinel Managed Mobility Services

Wave goodbye to bill shock!

See utilization and charges as soon as they’re incurred, not days later. Intervene in seconds to manage and minimize mobile expenses before they add up.

Manage devices painlessly

Managing company devices and plans is no longer a nightmare with our friendly platform made for administrators and end-users alike.

Optimize mobility spend

Save on mobile expenses without sacrificing the mobility and productivity of your team.

Swiftly automate and consolidate all invoice processing across tens of thousands of lines.

Put mobility support on autopilot

Automate low-level help desk tasks to focus your precious IT resources on what matters most for your business.

Control your BYOD Program

  • Get real-time visibility into who’s using which devices, how much they’re using them, and what they’re costing the company
  • Quickly move mobile devices between carriers and plans
  • Provide pain-free self-service ordering of new devices and plans from carriers of your choice, entirely compliant with group policies
  • Remove zero-utilization users

Ready to transform mobility management in your business?


It’s time to give valuable resources back to your organization. Contact us to learn more about Asentinel solutions from Tangoe.