Telecom invoices are anything but simple. Things only get more complex once you add in multiple vendors, usage, and international languages. Without a Telecom Expense Management solution, you have a mess on your hands.

The Problem

Putting those invoices on autopilot is merely a fast track to excess charges and fees. You can’t assume these invoices will always be accurate and in line with your contracted rates.

Consider that telecom invoices have an estimated 20% error rate, most of which are in favor of the carrier. When you’re dealing with significant spend, that 20% has the potential to make or break the financial health of your business.

The Solution

Uncover cost savings and keep things as right as rain with the automation and expertise of Asentinel Telecom Expense Management Software. With our solution on your side, you’ll realize all the benefits of technology without dealing with friction, mountains of invoices, and a hodgepodge of spreadsheets.

Discover what you have, what’s working (and what’s not), and where to go next with Asentinel TEM.

With our self-managed SaaS solution, you can support the complete lifecycle of your inventory as well as auditing, invoice processing, ordering, and business reporting in-house. Our fully managed SaaS solution comes equipped with telecom experts who handle the day-to-day management of invoices, inventory, orders, disputes, and service optimization.


Asentinel Telecom Expense Management

Asentinel TEM Benefits

  • On-going cost savings and higher efficiency
  • Automation to force multiply your support team and meet the ever-increasing demand for IT services
  • Higher levels of service and fulfilled agreements through easy monitoring of vendor performance and carrier contracts
  • Accurate and effective expense management through a centralized portal
  • Precise cost allocations to business units reveal exactly how much you’re spending and where
  • Easy forecasting of spend and analyze trends to support your budget and reduce costs
  • Accelerate business strategy and delivery of vital analytics to key stakeholders through precise and accurate data

One of the nation’s largest healthcare service providers selected the Asentinel TEM software after realizing their in-house solution was failing to identify cost-savings opportunities. Previously, invoices were processed manually and paid without any analysis or auditing. The healthcare giant assumed there must be areas for expense reduction, but they had no idea just how much they were overpaying carriers.

Through Asentinel TEM’s process automation, detailed auditing, and customized reporting, the healthcare service provider generated a whopping annual savings of $750,000 to $1M! That’s major money in the bank that can be used to expand services and improve profitability.

Asentinel TEM Key Features

  • Central repository for telecom assets
  • Inventory database
  • Reduction and optimization of expenses
  • Process automation
  • Dispute management and resolution
  • Contract compliance
  • Bill pay
  • Customized reporting
  • Lifecycle management
  • Provisioning for global telecom vendors/service types
  • Budget management and forecasting
  • Automatic allocation of expenses to designated cost centers

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“The Asentinel TEM Solution helps us reduce telecom spend and assists us in automating processes to reduce time and complete tasks. It is critical to my ability to succeed.”Aleda Cotty
Manager, IT Financials & Telecommunications

It’s time to give valuable resources back to your organization. Contact our specialists at Tangoe to get started with Asentinel solutions.