Reduce mobility expenses and prevent drains on IT resources through real-time visibility into utilization and charges.

The Problem


It’s a mobile world we live in. Our mobile devices allow us to get things done and put plans into action fast.

But managing your mobile equipment can add up to major decentralization and expenses if you’re not careful. Constantly changing plans, devices, and data usage are difficult to manage well in-house and deplete resources in nothing flat.

The Solution


Put mobility to work for you with Asentinel MMS. It’s time to fuel your resources instead of depleting them. Our centralized solution gives you a real-time view of utilization and charges as they’re incurred while streamlining administration. That means you can detect and resolve mobility issues long before they become problems.

This user-first system combines real-time usage with device and expense management for the first, true end-to-end mobility management platform.

Asentinel Managed Mobility Services

Asentinel MMS Benefits


  • Get real-time visibility into who is using which devices, how they’re using them, and what they’re costing the company
  • Achieve the maximum value of your mobility investments through detailed reporting and analysis
  • Reduce drains on IT resources with on-demand support and troubleshooting
  • Avoid surprises at the end of the billing cycle
  • Prevent overspend with real-time cost reporting by business unit, user, or cost code
  • Reduce mobility spend by ensuring that users are signed up for the most cost-effective service plans

Key Features

  • Real-time visibility into utilization and charges as they’re incurred
  • Customer-defined workflows for electronic routing and allocation of invoices
  • Real-time updates to invoice processing, inventory, auditing and business intelligence
  • 500+ specific audit rules applied to every invoice to ensure contract compliance
  • Fast deployment and integrations with top applications such as ServiceNow, Workday, ADP, Okta, OneLogin, Coupa, Verian, and more



The world’s leading internet television network, Netflix, has changed the face of television, allowing subscribers to catch up on their favorite shows from anywhere at any time. The company prioritizes that same flexible nature of mobility in their culture.

Managing their mobile equipment and related costs was incredibly time-consuming and resource-heavy; two employees were responsible for managing nearly 2,000 lines with more being added each week. The Netflix team realized they needed a way to proactively manage carriers and optimize their mobility spend. They selected the Asentinel MMS solution after learning about its ability to deliver real-time usage data acquisition and analysis.

The solution was deployed within 2 weeks, allowing the team to quickly see tangible cost savings. The wireless carrier invoice savings alone have more than eclipsed the cost of the solution. The Netflix team has also avoided costly overage charges and been able to offload tedious enterprise mobility management tasks.

“The Asentinel MMS solution has been extremely valuable to us, placing everything we need at our fingertips. The response time and flexibility have allowed us to offload time-consuming tasks while enabling us to adapt mobility management to the specific requirements of Netflix’s unique culture. With MMS, our employees have the freedom and responsibility to be an integral part of the mobility management process.”

Sylvia Sundholm
Purchasing Manager, Netflix

Grab the reins and manage mobility from end-to-end. Contact our specialists at Tangoe for more information about Asentinel MMS.